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About SafeDK

SafeDK  offers a the only mobile SDK management solution for the benefit of app publishers. The company’s portfolio of products includes their in-app protection module, allowing app developers to control and monitor SDKs in real time, 24/7, with no need for a version update. They also provide an ad monetization-intelligence module, which reveals ad-related tech and content issues and much more. The company was established in 2014, and is backed by Samsung Next among other recognized brands.

Relevant Background

We started working as SafeDK’s marketing arm as soon as they had completed a seed round. We were requested to provide a2z global marketing support, with a focus on creating awareness and generating quality traffic and leads. This case study is being written after two years of mutual work, and we are still working together, more extensively than ever before!

The Challenge

Unlike many other products and services that are offered to the mobile app development community, SafeDK is developing innovative solutions and in many aspects, are paving the way. Market education was (and still is) a major challenge.

Also, being a B2B company that targets both enterprise level companies and long tail mobile app startups, we had to run “low-touch” marketing efforts and “enterprise sales marketing” all together.

Finally, the mobile app development industry can be considered a niche, but it includes hundreds of thousands of employees that tend to be highly involved in closed professional communities and online groups. We had to roll up our sleeves and become active in multiple online arenas.

The Process

As we accompanied SafeDK right from the beginning, we needed to start with proper marketing foundations.

Setting measurable goals:

We started with defining an online funnel and setting up KPIs (back then we had fewer products and solutions compared to the rich catalog that SafeDK offers today).

We didn’t know, of course, how much time it would take to generate traffic, or what the conversion rate would be, but we could create smart forecasts and align in accordance, which we did.

Content marketing:

We had a couple of reasons to focus on content:

  1. Content marketing is key when you need to educate your market or when your product is based on an innovative technology or when your company is B2B. We check marked all three.
  2. Content is key for SEO, which is critical when you have a low touch sales strategy, or when your website is designed not only to increase awareness, but also to collect leads.
  3. Social communities for mobile developers are flourishing. Many discussions in these communities focus on innovations that are presented through content: articles, videos, podcasts or alike. We had to generate a content arsenal.

Our effort included setting up content marketing foundations, running keyword research, creating a content calendar, writing top tier quality content (always with added value) and distributing it through endless groups and forums, while provoking interesting discussions.

Today, the SafeDK blog is generating more than 15% of its traffic organically!

When the content you create is truly valuable, this happens:

Guest posting:

As soon as we felt ready, we knew we could generate great guest posting options, because of the quality of the content.

Guest posting became part of our marketing routine. Here are some examples:

How You Can Beat the ‘SDK Fatigue’

Mobile SDK Fatigue and How it Can Make or Break Your Marketing

And there are a lot more… just Google SafeDK, you’ll see…


Gladly, we’ve had some nice stories to tell along the way. Round A raising, industry benchmarks, strategic partnerships.

Our PR support made a dedicated PR agency redundant by:

  1. Writing the announcements
  2. Running media outreach research
  3. Building an online press minisite
  4. Hunting for top tier outlet opportunities (exclusive coverage)
  5. Releasing the news and pitching relevant journalists and bloggers
  6. Releasing news wires
  7. Tracking the results

Just a few examples:

Marketing Automation and Conversion Optimization:

Before escalating our traffic efforts, we wanted to make sure that our incoming traffic is well converted to leads, and that leads are nurtured. We’ve analyzed the website, simplified flows, added lead capture components across all important pages (including the blog) and so forth.

Email marketing and newsletters came right after:

We’ve also worked closely with the developers to implement a marketing automation system. We’ve chosen a system that includes a CRM, landing pages platform and campaign attribution (we knew that paid campaigns would be coming soon as well).

We’ve also created automatic drip email campaigns, introducing the richness of the SafeDK portfolio to new prospects.

We then used the system to send carefully designed monthly newsletters.

Tracking and reports – marketing analytics:

“A good marketer is a good researcher. A great researcher acts by numbers.” ( Anonymous, unknown year… someone famous surely said it) .

We created a periodical report template, and filled it religiously. This report looks at all important funnel levels as well as conversion %, results by all channels, spend and more.

We still monitor this report, every month, though the number of fields grew significantly over time. We call it “the radar”.

Paid Campaigns:

When running smart B2B marketing, paid campaigns should never be the core activity, but are great in boosting the marketing impact. We plan, set, manage and maintain SafeDK’s multi-channel paid campaigns including lead gen campaigns, remarketing and awareness.

We’ve done many trials, using different content (top of the funnel, mid funnel), different calls to action, mainstream and niche media channels, and new targeting techniques. We’ve learned a lot about how we should spend our media budget to maximize the results, what info to share in each stage, how to nurture leads and so forth.

Industry benchmarks reports:

Being an analytics solution, SafeDK managers knew they had a data gold mine in hand. We’ve worked on setting up a new industry reporting standard – the SafeDK data trend report of mobile SDKs benchmarks.

This periodical report has become a lead capture machine and has been quoted by top tier industry players and tech news outlets.


We’ve done (and are still doing) so many additional activities together with SafeDK- Industry events, award nominations, meetups, social communities buildup, special link building activities and the list goes on.

Working with SafeDK has been, and continues to be, a pure pleasure!