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New product launch for a longtime player

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ASOCS is disrupting the traditional (hardware-based)l RAN market with an open, virtualized software-only solution, delivering 4G and 5G for both LAN and WAN cellular network solutions.


ASOCS operates in the (B2B) telecom market which is mostly dominated by large players with deep marketing pockets. Although it is a market that talks a lot about delivering innovation to consumers, it is in itself relatively conservative. The company was preparing to launch its new product and wanted to ensure that once the launch activities are over, the target audience and the industry as a whole were fully aware of its unique offering and the value proposition.


  • Successfully launch CYRUS 2.0, ASOCS’ new product
  • Increase awareness of ASOCS as an innovator and pioneer in the 5G RAN space
  • Drive more traffic to the website


The 5G arena is characterized by excessive noise, with large vendors, regulators, and carriers all pitching in. For a start-up company with start-up resources, it can be difficult – nearly impossible – to be heard.

ASOCS wanted to get the message out there in a targeted way to the people that matter. ASOCS’ VP of Marketing looked for a single touchpoint to strategize with and rely on for both planning and marketing implementation purposes.

What did we do?

Let’s start at the beginning

When we just started working with ASOCS, long before the new product launch, we worked together with ASOCS on creating new messaging that focused on the company’s unique differentiators, as well as the value proposition of their new product. The new messages were implemented across the board on the ASOCS website, various digital domains and in its collateral.

“Bring your own hardware”

ASOCS main page with new messaging

ASOCS main page with new messaging

The ASOCS website was restructured, with two objectives in mind: to draw in more unique visitors, and to engage visitors by offering them valuable insights from the ASOCS experts.

A blog was also created as part of this strategy:

ASOCS new blog, containing highly engaging content

ASOCS new blog, containing highly engaging content

Ahead of the launch, we supported the ASOCS team in creating materials for the new product, including a new video.
Nearing the launch, we had completed the groundwork and were ready to make some noise.

A targeted approach

A decision was taken to focus the launch activities around an industry event, in order to increase the impact. The chosen event was MWC Los Angeles as it has a vital brand name and quality attendance of industry players, including potential customers, industry analysts, and industry journalists alike.

The ultra-focused approach allowed ASOCS to rise above the noise, with prominent branding and carefully curated thought-leadership activities. These included conference speakership, a 5G show floor talk, and panel participation.

ASOCS branding in MWC LA

ASOCS branding in MWC LA

Complementing offline activities with online ones

MWC Los Angeles was the launchpad for a greater goal – announcing and driving awareness for CYRUS 2.0, ASOCS’ new 5G solution.
To amplify the story, we turned to online methods. We began by issuing two press releases. The first press release highlighted the many activities ASOCS was engaged in, in MWC LA.

The idea was to position ASOCS as a significant player and a thought leader.

The second press release was dedicated to the product announcement itself, complete with a call to action to schedule a live demo during or after the event.

Once the foundations were all completed and in place – the updated website, a respected stage (the event), and official press releases – we turned to social media channels to ensure the message got heard.

In addition to ongoing posts in ASOCS social accounts, we launched two paid campaigns on Linkedin and on Facebook.

The Linkedin Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign targeted specific accounts and roles and was launched two weeks prior to the event. The Facebook geo-targeted campaign was designed to amplify awareness during the event itself.

Both campaigns aimed to maximize awareness of the new solution.

Leveraging the event for product promotion

Leveraging the event for product promotion

One of the ‘by-products’ of participating in the event was a handful of quality content and assets that can be shared and repurposed. This includes a recorded interview featured on the MWC website, a live webinar hosted by the organizers, recorded sessions and more. Photos from conference sessions were also shared on social media.

The bottom line

The effect of the launch was tangible and exceeded expectations. Booth attendance was high, with many of the visitors reporting that they were intrigued after seeing ASOCS featured “all over the place”.
Campaign analytics indicated high exposure and click-through rates from key accounts.

Online metrics analysis revealed that website visits were up by 36%, with page views up by 98% and session duration up by nearly 40%. These numbers indicate that, as planned, many people were exposed to ASOCS and its new product. Most importantly, other measures showed that behind this expressed interest and growing awareness was an engaged, RELEVANT audience.


Many startups, especially but not only young ones, share a common problem – limited budget and resources, paired with a need to stand out among large players with deep pockets.

Laying down great foundations and then implementing a smart marketing approach is critical for that mission, as described in this case study.