From Zero to World-Wide Awareness in a Few Months

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About Intuition Robotics

Intuition Robotics is the developer of a physical robot, a social companion for elderly adults. The robot is aimed to support the well-being of millions of adults in the 3rd age, through digitally connecting them with their close family & friends, mitigating technology barriers, and help them keep an active lifestyle. IR robot is being developed these days, and is planned to be released to the market soon.


Intuition Robotics’ ELLI•Q, is an AI driven active aging companion that was created in collaboration with Yves Béhar, founder and principal designer of the award-winning industrial design firm fuseproject. Intuition Robotics worked on the product and technology for a long time in stealth mode, but when The Design Museum in London announced it is planning to showcase a prototype of ELLI•Q as part of its ‘New Old: Designing for our Future Selves’ exhibition, it was time to get into an accelerated mode in terms of introducing ELLI•Q and the company behind it to the world.

The Challenge

Well, the museum’s announcement gave us about two months to go from a company in stealth mode that has no website, no brand identity, no marketing materials, no marketing story or messages, or anything else for that matter, to a company that has all of this and more. Did we say accelerated mode already?

G2M Team was contracted to take over a nonexistent marketing operation and basically create everything from scratch, towards a hard deadline, two months away.

What did we do ? 

Marketing assets from scratch – brand, messages, website and more

We started with understanding the company’s values and unique sales proposition as well as on conducted a thorough marketing-focused competitive analysis.

Then we moved on to the product photography. As mentioned above, ELLI•Q was designed by a world-class design firm, thus, anything less than perfect was not an optionץ After a rigorous screening process we hired Shahar Tamir. We served as an Art Director on the set and Shahar did an amazing job making ELLI•Q look its best.

The next step was to build the company’s website. We worked on the website structure, specs., messages, content writing, team photography (by Lior Rotstein). Then we did the actual building of the website (using Squarespace), as well as implemented the technical infrastructure (Google and Facebook pixels, Google Analytics, forms, link to predefined MailChimp lists, etc.).

The Result: www.intuitionrobotics.com

The most important part of the website was the ELLI•Q landing page and the challenge in this case was to drive people to sign up to ELLI•Q’s waiting list, while the product launch date is vague. After we planned the desired funnel, we structured the landing page, wrote the texts and decided on the best call to action and placed it in the right location on the page. Every click was measured, so we could easily optimize the funnel in real-time.

While working on the website, we also opened the company’s social pages (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn), and started managing them, creating monthly social plans and scheduling posts.

We also started a blog for the company and wrote two blog posts before the unveiling of the company and ELLI•Q..

All was done with the purpose of having an established company with real marketing assets to back ELLI•Q when it’s introduced to the world in London.

Gearing up towards a noisy launch – PR

Time was moving fast and it was time to start thinking about the launch week itself and the buzz we can create around the launch. It was time to start planning our PR outreach. As Intuition Robotics’s de-facto marketing department, the PR launch required some complexed coordination. The PR was to be focused around three geos: The UK (where ELLI•Q was to be introduced), the USA (Intuition Robotics key target market) and Israel (this is an Israeli company after all, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity for some local pride, as well as an opportunity to attract new talent). We had a PR agency in the US that we worked with that was to contact tier-1 media, we were in charge of contacting the Israeli media and long tail publications in the UK and US, and we knew that Fuseproject were also planning some PR activity around the introduction of ELLI•Q. We needed to make sure all efforts are well coordinated and leverage each other.

Let’s not forget that Intuition Robotics was still in stealth mode at that time, and wanted to keep ELLI•Q hidden until the launch date, thus, another challenge we faced was to keep all the press materials we created hidden, while making sure we have enough to share with reporters in order to pique their interest to cover us.

We created a user-friendly press room, to provide reporters with a great user experience and easy access to all relevant press materials. Next, we reached out to the Israeli media outlets as well as long-tail media outlets in the US and UK, based on a comprehensive preliminary media research we conducted. We also continuously stayed in touch with all others that were involved in order to maximize the effort.

Finally, launch date arrived and the exhibition opened at The Design Museum in London. We were proud and excited that all the marketing infrastructure and materials were ready to go, as planned. The PR embargo was lifted and Intuition Robotics gained an impressive media coverage:

Thinking of the day after launch

Although we were facing a challenging timeline, we didn’t forget the day after launch, and made sure to use the launch and the fact that ELLI•Q is presented in a leading museum. We had a camera-guy on site to film people’s responses to ELLI•Q, as well as the Intuition Robotics excited CEO on the ground – these were later used for creating additional content for Intuition Robotics.


G2M Team’s vast experience, structured work plan and unbeatable execution methods allowed Intuition Robotics to emerge from stealth with a world-class launch in just two months, which in many other places will be considered a miracle.  The launch was super successful with an enormous media coverage, massive amount of traffic to the website and social pages, and a fast growing waiting list to order ELLI•Q.

After the launch we stayed on as Intuition Robotics marketing team and started dealing with establishing a constant presence for the company, positioning it as a subject matter expert and supporting its KPIs, beyond the successful launch.