From launch with a limited budget to tens of millions of users: #1 ANDROID DIALER APP IN THE US PLAY APP STORE

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About drupe

drupe mobile is the developer of drupe Android and iOs app – an all in one communication launcher that includes a cross app dialer, contact manager, call recorder, caller ID and more. The company was established in 2014, and is backed by known investors including Canaan Partners Israel, Sweet Capital, Yigal Jacoby and more. drupe is ranked as the #1 dialer and contact manager in the US store, enjoying tens of millions of downloads and millions of active users.

Relevant Background

We came onboard as drupe’s marketing team as soon as they had completed a seed round and left the TLV Microsoft accelerator .

We were hired to provide a2z global app marketing support, with a focus on creating foundations and best-in-class result-driven app marketing activities. We are writing this case study after working together for over three years.

The Challenge

How do you take a (small) budget, as that’s what we started with, a prototype (alpha) product and create a popular app that is buzzing with Blogger and is getting a significant number of organic downloads? That was our challenge when we started working together with the drupe team.

We had a low marketing budget, limited time and no single marketing asset. But, we knew we wouldn’t compromise on anything related to our look and the way we would tell the drupe app story.

So, we rolled up our sleeves.

What we’ve done:

  • Branding and messaging – We created drupe’s high level messages and wrote the texts for the app minisite and social pages. Together with the drupe UX team we designed drupe’s visual identity, logo, icon and color scheme.
  • Beta testing community – We used multiple testing platforms to create a tester community and feed our developers with user-data in order to fix critical bugs and issues before the launch.
  • Ad and analytics decks configurations – We added marketing analytics decks and worked with the drupe team to define and implement key app events so we will be able to track important data.
  • Pre-registration campaign – We worked to create a buzz among early adopters before the launch.We managed a pre-launch sign up campaign with thousands of registrations to get the install URL as soon as drupe came out.
  • The official launch of the drupe app – We managed the app’s official launch which included PR activities, buzz creation in multiple android groups and communities as well as additional social media activities. We prepared Facebook install ad campaigns, but the organic and direct buzz that we received exceeded our expectations; so much so, that we didn’t need to engage in any additional media acquisition efforts until we hit over 1 million installs.
  • ASO – We managed ASO activities, using several ASO technical tools. We dealt with multiple languages, added multiple backlinks, and worked on important keywords.
  • Social media marketing – We increased our followers across multiple social channels, and took care of social media support for users and potential users during the launch phase. We used social media channels to announce new versions, curate content, provide drupe usage tips and promote worthy drupe mentions in Android news outlets.
  • User acquisition – when the time was right, and after drupe completed advanced funding rounds, we ran multiple smart acquisition campaigns, on Facebook and Google, using advanced targeting, multiple language ads and advanced optimization techniques on CPI, CPA and later, on ULV.
  • PR – Over time, we released multiple announcements in relation to funding rounds, strategic versions and more. We secured coverage in top tier outlets including TechCrunch, TNW, Android-Authority and many others.
  • Tracking and analytics reporting – We created and maintained an aggregated analytics report, looking at all important parameters, traffic, funnel conversions, budget, quality of users and more.
  • Special activities – Over the years we supported drupe with a variety of other marketing activities such as industry events, iOs launch of the app, email campaigns, product videos and more.


From an anonymous mobile app startup, drupe became a global leader (and enjoyed over a million organic installs!) in just a few months. drupe was mentioned multiple times in almost all top-tier media outlets.

Within slightly over a year, drupe was ranked #1 in the US Play Store for key phrases such as dialer and contacts manager. It outranked major competitors including Google itself.

Later on, when we started running acquisition campaigns for drupe, we leveraged drupe’s hard-earned prestige and achieved amazing CPI and CPA numbers.

Today drupe enjoys tens of millions of installs, a solid and familiar brand and a proven business model.

Here are just a couple of examples of drupe’s PR coverage:

Drupe reimagines the address book with $3 million in funding / TechCrunch

drupe’s new GIF calling feature lets you know what the call is about before picking up / Android Authority

More examples:


Some creative work:


And a video creative:


Supporting drupe on their long journey and witnessing the amazing progress from an early stage startup to an established and successful app company with a solid business model was a huge pleasure and a great experience for us at G2M Team.

Visit drupe’s Google Play page to explore further.