Establish Leadership In a niche B2B market

Establishing Leadership in a niche B2B market and running channel marketing activities

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About is an innovative trading-automation platform offered to traders by their brokerage firms. uses AI and NLP technology to allow brokers to offer their traders (with zero technical skills) seamless automated trading experience, previously reserved only for highly technical traders. 

For the first time, traders with zero technical skills can automate their trading strategies, using free-style text to set rules. operates in the online trading ecosystem, where 80% of trading volume is generated by automated trading. However, only 2% of market players have proper access to automation.’s technology allows the remaining 98% of traders to use automation, thereby  generating incredible trading volumes for brokerage firms and day-traders.’s solution is already being used by leading brokers worldwide. 

Our marketing operation background: 

Once the product had matured enough, began looking for a single touchpoint to implement a best-in-class B2B marketing and channel marketing operation. We were hired to win the awareness of the target B2B market, gain leadership position and execute channel marketing activities. 

When we conducted our initial marketing-oriented ecosystem analysis (which is always one of the first steps we take) we quickly realized that there are many business opportunities within our landscape, but also some challenges in educating brokerage firms on the innovative solution that has to offer. Amir and Shahar,’s founders, already knew that channel marketing would make up a significant chunk of the work, and made sure that we have the right expertise in this field (which we do).  

Target end-users: While there are quite a few trading automation solutions out there, you will have a hard time finding the one that can be operated by users who possess minimal to no technical expertise or skills. is tailored to day traders, newbies or professionals – anyone who works by following trading strategies and rules. They will find the solution most valuable, and are the company’s target users. 

As for our target accounts: Our B2B addressable market numbers  of known and respectable brokers worldwide – those that follow strict regulations and invest heavily in their brand. 

We then defined our high-level objectives for when we hit the road. 

Marketing objectives:

  • Build a methodical, scalable marketing DNA that would set the foundation for leadership. 
  • Create articulated and consistent messaging to be used across all marketing assets and sales tools.
  • Build state-of-the-art marketing assets that will generate the right impression. 
  • Cut through the noise and get “above the radar” using digital marketing, in order to support and enhance outbound sales efforts.
  • Ensure that’s voice is being proactively heard across multiple industry discussions; support a leadership positioning. 
  • Support and enhance the relationship with partner brokers to make sure that the trader-base of is growing
  • Run ROI-driven channel marketing activities: get end-customers to try the product. 

Specific challenges:

Niche market:’s target B2B market is a niche market with no more than ~100 relevant brokerage firms worldwide. That means that some marketing activities should be prioritized while others should stay out of the mix. For example, there’s no point to invest heavily in inbound display advertising. 

On-target messaging and push activities: Working in a start-up mode, we had to create a very “on point” messaging and find creative ways to be heard by our audience. 

Channel marketing:’s solution is delivered to end customers via 3rd party channels (brokerage firms), implying to the business model. Yet, the concept of channel marketing is not as developed in this ecosystem as it could be, and we had to strategically pave the way to the heart of the brokerage firms’ marketing departments. 

Building marketing operations, step by step 

First thing’s first 

We started by building a solid marketing infrastructure that was missing. This included putting together messaging and crafting the story, working on a brand new website that speaks to brokerage firms, and building new sales collateral kits. We then moved on to create the foundations for top-funnel content marketing operations and kicked off a very structured channel marketing operation. 

Here are a few examples: 

Winning marketing collateral for sales and BizDev

We recreated both printed and digital collateral to support outbound sales activities and fund-raising efforts vis-a-vis investors. We worked closely with a professional designer to make sure the materials not only tell a great and sharp story, but also deliver the look and feel that fits our value proposition (a premium and a professional tech solution made for leading brokerage firms who stand in front, and their audience of professional day traders).

A new website was born, and we let brokerage firms see themselves in it 

Using multiple insights derived from the competitive analysis we ran when we started, as well as our vision for, we built a detailed website definitions document (PRD) with several objectives in mind, but most of all: turning the website from trader-oriented to B2B-first.

Visit to see the end result. 

LinkedIn marketing and social selling 

B2B social media is a key pillar in our marketing strategy, helping us connect and engage with prospect brokers and industry influencers. 

Again, the fact that we operate in a niche market drove us to carefully choose the best platforms and tools that can bring impactful results in a short time, while maximizing impact under budget constraints. 

LinkedIn enabled us to create ultra-targeted lists of our targeted audience and constantly target these lists. 

We optimized both the company’s page and the founders’ personal profiles (as they are the company’s missionaries). 

We’re constantly working on growing the founders’ network and pushing a healthy mix of content that is meant to generate awareness, gain the right impression, and create sales opportunities.

Visit the company’s LinkedIn page to explore further.


Twitter isn’t always a powerful tool, but in this industry, it is, especially in capturing day traders’ attention. We tweet original professional content and practical trading tips. Engaging in relevant discussions by RT and replies is also beneficial here. 

Visit’s Twitter page to explore further.

Channel marketing:

Given’s business model and product UX, it’s important to also focus on channel marketing – a crucial step in growing the business and meeting the business KPIs. 

The platform is delivered to leading brokerage firms but is used by end-users, the day traders. COVID19 only increased this market. 

We lead marketing interactions with partner brokers’ marketing teams. In order to make things efficient, we create a tailored kickoff kit for each broker, to help them attract new traders by leveraging (positioned as a differentiator), increase retention and user engagement, and boost the volume of traders’ activity. 

We also built reporting mechanisms to keep both sides updated. 

Check out these materials made for two different brokers, fully compatible with their brand guidelines: 

Additional activities not covered in this case study include professional blog articles, email marketing, online website trends monitoring and analytics, and more. 

Conclusion offers B2B brokers a truly game-changing trading platform with which their traders – even those with zero technical skills – can automate their trading using only free-style text. However, deals with the challenge of working in a niche market and the need to stand out with a limited budget and resources. 

Creating strong marketing foundations and then implementing smart, focused, properly prioritized, data-driven marketing tactics is critical for this mission, especially when you deal with a niche market. The work never ends!