How to Create ‘market-leader’ positioning & redesign a company website for scale

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About Browsi

Browsi is an ad tech company, focused on helping big publishers with mobile web page advertising. Browsi supplies technologies for publishers and creates automated, viewable, user-driven mobile web ad placements for tier 1 publishers at page level in real time.

A New Brand Identity

G2M team partnered with Browsi to provide A2Z hands-on marketing support, including digital, website management, content marketing, social media management and performance activities.

Recently Browsi released a new website. Browsi had pivoted its product a few months earlier and had a temporary online mini site (you can view a visual below). Both the minisite structure, visual language and content weren’t sufficient nor relevant. Browsi needed a fresh new brand identity: a new logo, new messaging and a new brand color scheme. Browsi, being a market leader in its industry, needed a new appropriate website that would align with its positioning, include relevant content and be optimized for future scale.

Before: The Browsi Mini Site

Browsi’s one page mini site lacked important messaging and did not properly reflect the product shift. As you can see, the brand and visual language weren’t distinguished enough. Most importantly, the minisite wasn’t optimized for future scale (re: content, CRO, SEO and lead capture elements).

The Challenge

Ad Tech is well-known to be a hyper crowded, competitive landscape, with multiple players targeting the same audience: online or mobile publishers. Adtech brands, playing in this hyper competitive landscape, tend to use similar copy and messaging in their digital assets, and many times present an almost identical look and feel with a similar offering.

This situation makes differentiation a huge challenge.

The initial competitive analysis that we’ve conducted uncovered this issue, and we realized that it was extremely hard to identify unique value proposition among industry players. They all looked the same.

Browsi was seeking to stand out and cut through the noise. Differentiation was vital.

A new rebranding and positioning goal was set. The objectives were to differentiate, but stay clear, significantly increase quality traffic to the website and eventually use the website as a key in converting more tier 1 publishers into paying customers.

We set the following KPIs:

1.Unique brand identity and messaging: use clear, simple and easy-to-digest messaging.

2.“WOW” Tier 1 publishers – when targeting leading/ enterprise publishers, that’s a challenge.

3.Optimize the website structure for the future. We knew that once the rebranding process was finished, online presence and performance would come next. We had to make sure that the website was flexible and optimized for SEO and lead capture.

Work Flow and Process:

1. We started close work with the Browsi management team to define the company values and unique sales proposition.

2. We then moved to define the high level primary and supportive, secondary messages. This allowed us to then continue with a slogan, taglines, key website messages and messages in additional channels (social channels for instance).

3. Next, we created the website structure main assets while considering our marketing strategy and future planned activities:

  • Website navigation map and visitors flow, including inner pages and lead gen hooks
  • SEO site index map
  • Also included were technical components we needed to implement (Google analytics, AMP, Google Tag manager, marketing automation and more)

4. Finally , we worked with “Dvivo Design” on the graphical design

The Result

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Our G2Mteam’s step-by-step marketing operation and unique working method allowed Browsi to enjoy best in class digital marketing which differentiated their brand and created the wishful WOW effect among visitors to their site. The tight website structure specifications, and the effort around planning the conversion funnel ahead, resulted in a  400 % increase  in online conversions and a massive company growth. The work still continues!