Making your company stand out in the crowd, and position you as a thought leader is a work of art

What do we mean by ‘content marketing’?

You probably know that for B2B companies trust is a crucial piece in the puzzle and in many cases can make a difference between success and failure.

Gaining trust and prestige in your market depends on the quality of deliverable, level of service and past accomplishments; especially of milestones you have committed to meet. But there are other ways to contribute to the trust building effort.

We will use content focused activities to create a perception of your company as a subject matter expert, as a strong industry player, a leader.

We will handle all necessary researches to come up with the best topics to serve your content marketing goals, and produce an editorial calendar. We will of course handle all the writing, uploading, SEO optimization of each content piece. We will also handle the promotion and distribution of each content item, to maximize its value and impact. We will use owned social media channels as well as professional communities and more.

This service package is best for Startups and tech companies that are specifically looking for creating awareness and to improving their positioning in the market. This package can also support startups that have a specific need to position certain team members as opinion leaders and subject matter experts in their industry.

Here’s what included in our ‘content marketing package’:


B2B companies use high-quality content to demonstrate that they truly understand their market and their ecosystem. We write best-in-class , tailor-made content. We then use a variety of promotion methods, distributing the content in many professional communities and content publishing platforms. We also use the content as an account based marketing enabler. Content we will create will position you as a market leader, but can also be used in your lead-gen and inbound marketing operation.


Social media groups have become extremely dominant in the B2B scene. This is why B2B is often called B2P (business to people). And this statement is just as relevant for companies that target enterprises as well. Members of professional communities share information about new tools and services, they make referrals to companies they trust and they participate in discussions. We leverage this huge social communities power to present your content and news to the right people.