Mix and match multiple activities to exceed your marketing and sales KPIs, and let us build you a best-in-class growth and remote sales machine

How do we help startups establish successful marketing DNA and build an inbound business success?

Building a successful high-quality lead-gen (business) machine can be VERY challenging, and requires knowledge and expertise in multiple disciplines (both marketing and technical).

From setup of your automation strategy, sales scoring, marketing automation system to launching automated drip campaigns over mail and social media channels, to creating and promoting best-quality lead converting content, to optimizing your website for business and sales conversions (CRO), to tracking lead origins and costs, and to nurturing prospects (MQLs) until they are ready for your direct sales (SQLs).

We know how to build multi-discipline sophisticated B2B business machines from scratch, and then manage and optimize them on an ongoing basis.This is a task that goes beyond pure marketing and is in fact the meeting point between sales and marketing.

Our multi-area package is the ultimate offering for startups that have reached the market entry phase and want to perfect both their sales operation and inbound data-driven marketing with the help of experts.

This package allows startups to prioritize and get help with ANY marketing and sales support activity, and all along enjoy a whole team working on their strategy, planning, project management, and hands-on execution.

This service package is ideal for: Startups that have already launched their product or service and are looking to launch market entry strategies. It’s also perfect for tech or startup companies looking to finetune their look and feel, build lead-gen machine, deploy smart marketing and sales automation and systematically feed their sales teams with quality SQLs.

Here’s How it works:


First thing first, we will build a detailed marketing & sales operation strategy and then set up an operative plan, that takes into consideration all the important elements that were prioritized. We validate our plan by conducting a marketing competitive and landscape analysis, looking at ecosystem players marketing strategies, materials, and achievements. During this phase, we also run important research and messaging finetuning workshop to ensure that the story is at place.


Once the plan is approved, needed researches have been completed and the messaging is at place, we move to execute burning tasks based on the ‘mix and match’ activities that were prioritized. Whether there’s a need to rebuild the website or fine-tune it, update existing materials or alike, we usually start with immediate activities that must be done before inbound push activities and advanced automation configurations take place.


During this stage, we usually track the results of multiple activities, closely view the analytics dashboards, add more activities to the blend and run smart optimization activities. This stage is super fun as it features results and brings in multiple data to learn from.


When marketing is successful, the execution pressure growth and the internal demand for additional advanced activities increases exponentially. Then special ‘one-off’ projects are taking place and the volume of specific activities increases (such as gated deep-content, campaigns around industry events, webinars, video content strategy and alike)