Scaling up your B2B Lead-Gen results requires persistence and expert knowledge by your side

You want the right people to know you!

There’s a stage where a B2B company is entering a growth stage. We hope that your are there!

While this is a stage many startup companies are looking forward to reaching, it is by no means an easy stage. On the contrary, growth challenges can be extremely painful, and if not handled well, may put the entire company at risk.

One of the main growth challenges is a reaching very specific companies and very specific personas and titles within these target organizations. We are experts in planning, setting up and maintaining a variety of account-based marketing campaigns, and will be happy to help you reach your specific target audience accurately, using today’s most advanced account-based marketing tactics.

Here’s what’s included in our ‘ABM campaigns management package’:


We will understand your needs, and plan for the right type of tactics that will be most beneficial in achieving our goals. We will plan each specific campaign, taking into consideration the big picture and all the possibilities of a specific target to be exposed to our messages.



We will handle all the work around preparing and setting up the campaigns – copy, creative, uploading lists, working on the different decks, preparing landing pages and more.


We will monitor campaign results on an ongoing basis, optimize the campaigns, offer new tactics and refresh when needed, as well as provide advanced analytics and reporting that will help in monitoring budgets, provide insights on which channels are most effective for us, support decisions around our next growth and scaling activities.