Your path to success starts with putting in place the right marketing building blocks and telling an appealing story


A smart marketing operation is a puzzle. Every company has a unique mix of activities that it should focus on (e.g., one should focus on content marketing while another should focus on industry events).

When companies who have a clear marketing strategy in place want to start acting upon it methodically, they need to establish marcom foundations that they can, later on, build on. Usually, it starts with finetuning the company story (messaging) and then smartly deploying these changes in the digital and offline assets (such as the website, social media pages, sales-decks, presentations, one-pages and alike)

This service offering is perfect for: Startup companies that are going “out of stealth”, or going to market with a new product / service. It’s also perfect for tech or startup companies looking to finetune their existing company story, or for companies that are simply looking for additional working hands in order to get it all done (sometimes around an upcoming major milestone).

Here’s what our ‘foundations and marcom service pack’ includes:


Shoot at the right direction

During this stage we will create a detailed marketing operation plan, that is customized to your specific circumstances and KPIs. We will validate the plan and make sure we are at par with industry standards by conducting a marketing landscape analysis, focusing at ecosystem players’ communications and messages.


Storytelling at its best

During this stage we will hold a joint, dedicated workshop (and ongoing sessions) devising your key messages. Based on your needs we will create or finetune your key messages, top-to-bottom style. The result will be a HL messages kit that can serve the entire company in all business, sales and marketing materials going forward.


WOW your prospects

Based on the KPIs we will build/fine-tune your website, marketing collateral, social media pages, sales tools and more. We will make sure everything we deliver meets the highest industry standards. We will work with your dev and graphic design people or bring new ones on board, as needed.


Move with the rhythm

With every change in your product, offering, or business model, we will adjust your communication materials and make sure they are up to date and fresh.