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Many people use the term “performance marketing” when referring to paid campaigns. This is where brands pay when a specific, measurable action is completed (lead, form filled, click on a link, etc.), Meaning, the performance of the campaign can be accurately measured. We view performance marketing a bit differently. We like to take a look through a wider lens. For us, performance marketing reflects on all measurable marketing activities, and there are many such activities today.

Back in the days, the real impact of many marketing activities was impossible to measure accurately and the impact and importance of various activities were estimated based on buzz, industry trends and rough estimations. Luckily, this is no longer the case. With today’s accessibility to technology and data, all our marketing activities can be and should be measured. And not just measured, but measured against our overall goals as a company. This is what, in a nutshell, we call performance-based, data-driven marketing.


You need an agency that really knows numbers, who can read, understand and interpret significant trends, and eventually derive a marketing action plan that is aligned with your overall company goals and KPIs. That’s us.

We are familiar with both basic and advanced analytics and measurement tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook analytics, Twitter analytics, Alexa, Similar Web, SEMrush, Buzzsumo, Mixpanel, Intercom, Act-On, Hubspot, LeadSquared and other platforms’ decks (such as Google AdWords, Appsflyer, Adjust, and many more).

We use these tools frequently in order to plan the right activity mix for our clients, learn about what the competition is up to, measure our work and fine-tune campaigns, landing pages, etc. That way, we harness the data to our advantage, ensuring we can:

  1. Make the smartest decisions possible on behalf of our clients.
  2. Make the best use of the budgets assigned to work with.
  3. Bring meaningful, actionable insights to our clients regarding the behavior and preferences of their target audiences.

We gather and present priceless information that can be leveraged in the overall business strategy of your company, and manifesting it in future campaigns and other marketing activities.

Whether our clients come from the B2C or B2B walks of business, performance-based, data-driven marketing can be the secret ingredient that will make the difference between mediocre to unforgettable marketing. Where do you want your marketing to be?

So, it’s time to define your funnel and KPIs, and start working and measuring the metrics that are important to you. Whether it’s traffic, leads, installs, ROI or converted sales, we will make sure to direct our efforts in the areas that mean the most to your company and will help take it to the next level.


Below, we elaborate the steps we’ll go through when setting up a data-driven operation that’s tailored made for you as our client:

  1. Goals: We’ll sit together, listen to your needs, and make sure we understand the overall company goals.
  2. Marketing KPIs: We’ll work together on setting the marketing related KPIs
  3. Marketing action plan: We will then build a detailed, KPI-oriented marketing action plan
  4. Conversion optimization: We will build the right funnel that will take your traffic in the desired paths
  5. Setting up platforms Setting up all the relevant measurement backend platforms (including setting up the right events, pixels, funnels, etc.)
  6. Hands on management- Of course, we’ll be Running the actual activities: Whether it’s content marketing, paid PPC, CPI or CPA campaigns, online PR, social media or any other activity, we got you covered. And most importantly, you will not stay in the dark and fly blind as we will spend all time and effort needed generating a detailed report to look at the results and implement the gained insights.

Spending time and money on certain activities is easy.

Learning from what is going on and making smarter, educated, decisions, that’s where the secret sauce lies.

If we take paid campaigns for example, as they are the most identified with performance marketing, we run performance and awareness campaigns in:

- Google AdWords (search, display, DSK, retargeting /remarketing, universal and more)

- Remarketing, app install ads, conversion ads, video ads, lead gen ads, engagement ads and more)

- Twitter ads

- LinkedIn ads

- Content recommendation platforms, such as Outbrain & Taboola.

- Niche media outlets, such as reddit, Stakoverflow and more.

- TRB and programmatic media-buying via multiple, CPA oriented, ad-networks.

We define the top of the funnel and mid-funnel campaign hooks (for remarketing purposes). We run manual media buying or RTB, depends on the products and goals, and most importantly, we use the numbers for smart decision-making to continuing the campaigns activity, but also around many other aspect of the funnel that we want to take our audience through.


As our performance marketing activities are just one part of our digital marketing operation, the below describes how we run our entire digital marketing operation, with performance marketing being part of the puzzle:

  1. Kicking off - When we initiate our digital marketing activities, we engage in an in-depth kick off meeting where we define the process and the challenges. The process is designed to be as comprehensive as possible. During this process, we learn everything there’s to know about the product and offering: Competitive landscape, challenges, what has been done so far, target audience, KPIs and more. We call this stage ‘onboarding on steroids’. This step is meant to ensure we have everything we need to build the optimal digital marketing plan for the client.
  2. Digital marketing competitive analysis and tactical planning - We never start our hands-on activity without completing this step, in which we build a week by week detailed action plan - for at least 3 months. We also run a comprehensive digital marketing competitive analysis to back our plan and to uncover important insights related to the marketing activities of the client’s competitors.
  3. Building the customer online journey (funnel) top to bottom - Once we have the tactical plan in place, we usually create a high-level design of the online funnel, with the main steps that we want a visitor to take to optimally convert to a lead, a valid lead and then into a sales opportunity. In the B2C world the funnel is usually much simpler compared to the B2B world of tech products and services.
  4. Building the infrastructure - Usually there’s a lot of infrastructure work that needs to be done, before growth activities can begin. We create or refine messages, website flows and analytics configurations. We create Landing pages, setup automation systems and built project reporting templates. We conduct a lot of research during this stage.
  5. Growth activities- Once we are happy with the infrastructure (we wouldn't want to spend budgets or efforts before) we move on to distributing content and directing traffic to the site (or app) through both organic and paid media channels. During this stage, we might launch PR activities as well, to support our digital marketing KPIs. We measure every step of the way of course; optimize and fine-tune according to insights we drive from what the numbers tell us.
  6. Data-driven Optimization and lesson learned- All along our digital marketing operations we make sure to track anything that can be tracked. Posting on Quora? We track the traffic referred to our website by Quora. Content promotion? We examine the qualitative parameters of the content as well as its contribution to pre-defined SEO goals. After a while, when there’s enough data, we use reports on the go to enhance activities: Optimize performance media campaigns, write additional blog post like the ones that performed best, increase focus on growth channels that prove to be most cost-effective and more.



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