Turning a mobile app into a successful global business is a big challenge.

Many people confuse mobile app marketing with mobile app acquisition, but in fact, you can call it user acquisition, performance marketing, Yet it reflects only just one level in the game.

A top mobile app marketer must be data driven, have deep familiarity with endless analytics tools and tactics, and know everything there is to know about the ecosystem – Trends, benchmarks, tactics, winners and losers, big news, you name it.

Our huge experience in the mobile app industry helps us understand the mobile app business and leverage it in order to get your app to the top of the charts.


You need an agency that helped known app companies exceed their growth and retention goals. You need mobile app marketing experts that know everything there is to know about user acquisition, app store optimization, influencer marketing, mobile app PR, social media management and mobile app branding, at your disposal. That’s us.

We’ve gained a lot of experience, working with advanced mobile app analytics and measurement tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook analytics, Sensor Tower, App annie, Mixpanel, Appsflyer, Adjust, Apptopia, Similarweb and many more.

We use these tools frequently in order to set in motion our plan with the precise activity mix for our clients, learn what competition is up to, measure our performance and ASO and fine-tune campaigns.

Our blend is made of organic growth efforts (via ASO, PR, online buzz, Growth hacking and social media), product recommendations (for retention and virality) and outstanding user acquisition (that includes strategy, campaigns set up and ongoing optimization)

We gather and present priceless information that can be also leveraged in the overall business strategy of the company, as well as in future campaigns and other marketing activities.

Whether your app is productivity-focused, e-commerce-oriented or offers recurring subscription, our mobile app marketing expertise can be the secret ingredient that will make the difference between mediocre to unforgettable marketing. Where do you want your marketing to be like?

So, it’s time to define your funnel and KPIs, and start working and measuring the metrics that are important to you. Whether it’s monthly active users (MAU), daily active users (DAU), geared towards specific post-install engagement events (CPA), ROI (ARPAU) or in-app purchases, we’ll make sure to enhance our efforts and skills in the areas that mean the most to your app company.


Here are the steps we will go through when setting up a mobile app marketing operation that’s tailored made for you as our client:

  1. Goals: kicking-off the operation entails a full and thorough overall comprehension of the company goals, short and long term. We will share industry benchmarks and ensure that we are all on the same ground.
  2. KPIs: We will work together on deriving the marketing-related KPIs that are connected to the app’s growth (distribution) and retention (user engagement).
  3. App marketing action plan: We will then build a KPI-oriented action plan that prioritizes marketing activities: ASO keywords research, store pages copy and visuals, app demo video, website landing page, install and engagement campaigns (including working with the developers to add deep in-app events to relevant advertising and analytics dashboards, ASO advanced tracking and activities (including Google Play experiments), reporting maintenance, mobile app PR, bloggers outreach, social media channels activities, beta community management and more.
  4. Setting up tracking and measurements decks: Setting up all the relevant measurement systems in the backend (including setting up the right events, pixels, funnels, etc.)
  5. Running the hands-on activities: Once our operation plan is approved by you, we will move to hands-on work, constantly keeping you in the loop. Most importantly, you will not stay in the dark and fly blind as we will spend the time and effort, generating and presenting detailed reports to look together at important trends and optimize our activities based on what we’ve learned.

Spending time and money on certain activities is easy. Learning on the go and making smart, educated, decisions, that’s where the secret sauce lies.

Acquisition media channels we are experienced with are:

  • Facebook / Instagram install and app engagement ads
  • Google search and universal install campaigns
  • Twitter app install and re engagement ads
  • Additional performance networks (RTB, programmatic or manual buying)

How do we work?

  1. Kicking off  – When we start our mobile app marketing activities, we engage in an in-depth kick-off meeting where we define the process and the challenges; The process is designed to be as comprehensive as possible. During this process, we learn everything there’s to know about the app and the company: Competitive landscape, challenges, what has been done so far, target audience, KPIs and more. We call this stage ‘onboarding on steroids’. This step is meant to ensure we have everything we need to build the optimal app marketing plan for our clients.
  2. Digital marketing competitive analysis and tactical planning  – We never start our hands-on activity without completing this step, in which we build a week by week detailed action plan – For at least 3-6 months. We also run a comprehensive mobile app marketing competitive analysis to back our plan and to uncover important insights related to the marketing activities of the client’s competitors.
  3. Building the customer online journey (funnel) top to bottom  – Once we have the tactical plan in place, we usually create a high-level design of the user funnel, with the main steps we want a user to take in order to become active, loyal and then convert to a paying user (when possible).
  4. Building the infrastructure  – Usually there’s infrastructure work that needs to be done, before the hands-on activities can begin. We create or fine- tune messaging, flows and analytics configurations. We set up marketing automation platforms and build project reporting templates. We run lots of researches during this stage.
  5. Growth activities  – Once we are happy with the infrastructure (we wouldn’t want to spend budgets or efforts beforehand) we move on to focusing on acquisition and growth activities through both organic and paid media channels. During this stage, we occasionally launch PR activities, to support our performance marketing KPIs. We measure every step of the way, optimize, and fine-tune according to what the numbers tell us.
  6. Data driven Optimization and lesson learned  – All along our operation we make sure to track everything that can be tracked and keep learning by constantly examining the data.