Startup companies in the early stages are different

When startup teams start looking into running ‘out-of-stealth’ marketing, building materials foundations, or an effective inbound marketing operation they become confused. They are not sure what makes sense, out of the huge portfolio of startup marketing strategies that they can find out there while exploring the web doesn’t always help and asking colleagues still doesn’t solve all the questions. The fact that most startup founders don’t come from a marketing background doesn’t help them understand how to kick their marketing off. That’s also the time when a discussion around budget, time, and resources is bound to come up.

Seed-stage startup companies are used to running their product and dev cycles fast, with a small team and with a tight budget. Seed stage marketing has to carry the same principles.

Therefore, such companies must run their marketing journey together with professionals that are experienced with running marketing in these early stages, or they risk failing.

Early-stage startup marketing demands a specific approach:

  1. Flexibility – The ability to toggle between activities
  2. Management skills – The ability to work without creating an overhead on the internal founding or management team
  3. Agility and velocity – The ability to define and execute on KPIs, deliver fast, improve while running, without relying on extensive resources, budgets on long-lasting processes. Easier said than done.
  4. Technical skills – The ability to deal with deep-tech content and complexities without the need to collaborate with internal resources (as they are super busy)

That’s where we at G2M Team come into the picture, helping top-tier B2B or B2D startups in their early stage run out-of stealth strategies, establish a proper marketing DNA, run A2Z agile startup marketing, build foundations, and urn effective lead-gen activities and more, from the CMO level strategy, through the operational planning and to the all-in-one execution.

With our startup marketing agency services, you get the full set of capabilities of an entire startup-marketing department from one single partner. Here are our areas of operation:



Keep Ahead of the Ecosystem

We will quickly create the strategy that fits your needs & build the operational and granular plans (the architecture) that match the KPIs. We will then set it all up and manage the process from A to z. For instance, we will run the marketing competitive analysis, build the messaging and storytelling, write the definitions to your new (or soon to be updated) website, run the graphic and dev processes, implement the marketing automation and write the content.



Build Your Startup Marketing Foundations

We will execute the tailor-made initial inbound strategy- from social media, content creation and promotion, automated campaigns, ABM list building, PPC and other forms of paid campaigns, landing page creation, SEO activities, tracking of funnel KPIs, and reporting on conversions from traffic & social media engagement to leads, MQLs, SQLs, opportunities and more. If your solution is based on the PLG business model, metrics are different but the concept is similar.



Get your voice heard and learn what’s working

We will work to enrich initial inbound efforts with PR releases, Events management, sponsorships, and many other tactics that are designed to complete the “basic” inbound strategy and cut through the noise.



Boost quality leads and turn them to opportunities

We will use advanced automation skills to run nurturing activities, segment the audience by intent, generate new MQLs and turn existing ones into sales opportunities, and work closely with your sales and SDR teams in order to ensure that there’s smooth marketing sales communication.