Startup companies are different

When startup teams start looking into creating an effective marketing operation and plan their marketing activities out of the huge portfolio of startup marketing ideas that they can find out there, while exploring the web and asking colleagues, a discussion around budget, time and resources is bound to come up.

Startup companies are used to doing it all, fast, with a small team and low budget. They need to perform multiple tests and pilots to find out what’s right for them, so they need to employ a dynamic approach towards tasks and priorities.

Therefore, startup companies must work on their startup-marketing challenges with digital marketing agencies who live by this approach as well, or they risk failing.

If you are looking to run digital marketing activities for your startup, you should work with an agency that best fits your company and what it’s looking to achieve. .

You probably feel like there are so many marketing activities you can try, but you are not sure how and where to start, how much money to invest, and who can take the lead and do all the execution work around what you want to do.

That’s where we at G2M Team come into the picture, helping top tier startups (early stage or more established ones), bring some order into the chaos, implement proven work methods, create detailed work plans and execute all related marketing tasks, by priority.

With our startup marketing agency services, you get the full set of capabilities of an entire startup-marketing department from one single partner. Here are our areas of operation:



Keep Ahead of the Ecosystem

We will understand your needs, help you select a marketing automation system and plan the deployment. We will then set it up and manage the process from A to z, write the definitions to your API development, manage your developers, QA the system and train your sales and marketing teams as needed



Build Your Startup Marketing Foundations

We will create tailor-made automated emails flows that are aligned with your prospects’ segments and sales processes. We will write and setup automated email campaigns, that are designed to nurture new leads, introduce them to your offering, educate them, help them gain trust and provoke enough curiosity to soften and accelerate your selling process.



Get your voice heard and grow

We will use your automation system templates and tools to design and launch amazing landing pages, to serve in capturing leads, book meetings before industry events and so forth.
We will track and report important benchmarks to monitor progress and trends.



Boost quality leads and convert

We will send periodical designed newsletters, optimize automated emails, launch special bulk email campaigns, derive advanced funnel reports to gain important insights, and communicate which are the channels that bring in the best quality leads, so you increase focus on them.