For B2B companies going after technical or business audiences, SEO is a mission critical. Today’s buyers are heavy consumers of content, feel comfortable in digital environments and know how to leverage the web, conducting smart searches when researching solutions, technologies, and tech trends. 

In order to run successful global SEO in the B2B tech and startup industry, you must start with a solid strategy that is translated into a plan that includes relevant KPIs. You must aim for the right audiences and build your strategy on data-driven, reliable and proven tactics and methodologies, known as SEO best practices for marketing technical products. 

As SEO pros we know that content is king. SEO leans on a mix of top notch content, onsite SEO activities, CRO (conversion rate optimization), technical SEO optimization and link building.  

The goals are clear: quality traffic, climbing up the ranks for related keywords and higher conversion rates – to leads, opportunities and sales. Yes, it’s not just about increasing traffic and rankings – The focus is on leads, pipeline, users and revenue growth. This can only be achieved by embracing a holistic view of the buyer journey.

When it comes to early-stage startups, SEO poses some unique challenges. New brands in new categories, developing technologies, and market education. In this case, SEO must be tightly aligned with the broader marketing and demand gen activities.

Quality SEO building blocks:

High-quality traffic through focusing on the most relevant long tail keywords, combined with the creation of high-quality content and backlinks 

Optimized on-page performance – This is built on technical audit fixes and website experience

High quality leads are driven by generating quality traffic, optimized website and ultra relevant value-adding content 

Better business results = lower investment in paid media budgets in the long run

What’s included ?