Inbound marketing for round A startups has changed.

From KPIs, to stressful board meetings, to the close collaboration between marketing and sales… B2B marketing in post round-A stages has changed a lot.

Many startups have managed to complete round A extremely lean internal marketing operations or without having one at all. Post round A they are required to quickly close marketing gaps as they are late to the game.

Many other startups have already hired an internal CMO, head of marketing, or similar. But this professional is usually alone, and needs to strategize and execute on many different areas in parallel, desperately looking for a smart partner to rely on not just for the operation, but also for the brainstorming, consulting, and decision making.

In today’s ecosystem, data-driven marketing is a must for a startup looking to build a brand and start generating sales opportunities, at scale.

The marketing challenges are around managing the budget, setting branding and sales KPIs, running super-smart PPC and other paid advertising strategies, employing multiple martech tools, dealing with extensive technical configurations, creating highly technical and value-adding content, managing complex SEO strategies,  and quickly taping into new buzz creation channels ahead of the competition.

Naturally, in more established companies, the CMO is backed by a strong team and multiple external vendors. The situation is different when the startup has just secured round A or B, and the internal team either doesn’t exist or is just too small to handle it all.

G2Mteam offers a solution that’s tailored made to such startups and closes the loop from CMO level consulting to multi-area marketing orchestration and execution. It’s like having a whole marketing team behind you, including a leadership layers. A team that is extremely experienced with  marketing for startups in these stages exactly.

Services include:

  • Expert consulting and ongoing support with decision making and  planning around messaging, branding, Marcom, data-driven view, and growth strategies
  • Ongoing orchestration and management of multiple activities
  • A2Z execution around content creation, lead-gen, paid media campaigns, social media, funnel analytics and a lot more.

We support startup and tech companies with their go-to-market goals, by implementing proven work methods, by daring without crossing the lines, and by constantly measuring and optimizing our actions.

Verticals include DevOps and dev tools, cyber, Cloud solutions, Industry 4.0, AI, autonomous vehicle, robotics, medical devices, SaaS, ITOps, agtech and a lot more.

With our global B2B marketing services, you get the full set of capabilities via an entire team of experts:


Keep Ahead of the Ecosystem

We love to start with a deep marketing competitive analysis, looking at competitors, partners, and just companies that are targeting the same audiences. We then work to build or refine marketing plans, refine the messaging, and run immediate activities (such as optimizing the website and running keyword research) that are meant to kickstart the growth and scale mission.

This part can include enriching and optimizing the website, building new collateral, setting up new marketing processes or anything else that must be prioritized ahead.


Leverage direct and organic channels

We work with the marketing executive or the founders on planning and executing the inbound strategy- From social media, content creation and promotion, SEO activities, tracking of funnel KPIs, and reporting on the results.


Reach brand leadership

We will work to enrich initial inbound efforts with lead-gen campaigns, ABM campaigns, PPC efforts, and special projects such as PR releases, Events management, sponsorships, and many other advanced tactics that are designed to complete the “basic” inbound strategy and cut through the noise.


Do more of what works best

Live to see a rich marketing operation that drives a positive ROI, get consulting support and expert level efforts on next-level strategies, move to execute advanced tactics and activities that always seemed to be far from being feasible and too complicated or time-consuming.