You can’t win today’s tech and digital world without mastering the art of digital marketing.

As we’ve been practicing tech and digital marketing for years, our offering includes the ultimate mix of digital marketing services: Online branding & messaging, website management, social media management, lead generation and nurturing, content marketing, link-building, performance marketing (PPC), analytics and measurements, online PR and marketing automation management.

Why we’re your ultimate digital marketing agency?

You need a trustworthy digital-marketing partner. One that has been around and has a proven track record of successfully supporting global tech companies. That’s us.

In past years, we’ve mastered all areas of digital marketing through our work with multiple B2B, B2C and mobile tech companies. So, consider yourself fully covered with every digital marketing aspect, task or challenge that you have in mind.

How do we measure the success of our activities? Our digital marketing efforts are data-driven and KPI- oriented. We optimize our activities based on actual figures. Although this wasn’t the case in the past, in today’s world we can! Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Mixpanel, Marketing Automation platforms, you name it. We measure KPIs along the entire funnel, to make sure that traffic streams in coherence with our predefined goals, converting according to or even beyond expectations.

Our versatile, dynamic, multi-skilled and senior digital marketing team of professionals is highly experienced in planning, researching and executing customized digital marketing plans that fit the aggressive KPIs of global tech companies. B2B or B2C.

Enjoy the perfect digital marketing mix

  • Messaging – A superb digital marketer masters the art of storytelling. We create simple yet sharp marketing messages to provoke curiosity among your target audience and encourage them to convert. Our messages are customized for every digital channel.
  • Content marketing – Quality content is king. Everyone knows that by now. The internet is filled with content, but not at all full of quality content. Why? Because creating superb content is difficult and time consuming. Yet, this is exactly what we specialize in here at G2M Team. Why is content marketing so important for tech products or services? Well, great technology usually starts with innovation. Innovation means something new, by definition. There’s nothing more effective than educational and professional content, when looking to successfully introduce an innovative technology to the market and generate demand. Let’s not forget that actively promoting quality content is also a main tactic when looking to climb up the Google ranks for your main keywords and phrases (yes, we’re talking SEO here).
  • Website management, analytics and conversion optimization – You work on your website messages and look & feel, and login to Google analytics and Google tag manager so you can properly track conversions. But many times, leads aren’t coming in at the pace you’ve hoped for. Sounds familiar? Website messages or UX issues can be the root cause. If your messages aren’t coherent and simple enough, a confused visitor may just click the ‘back’ button. If your website’s call-to-action hierarchy isn’t well defined, your traffic will not flow according to an optimal, pre-defined funnel; If your landing pages do not include proper CTA components (links, promo boxes, lead gen forms and alike), visitors landing in your website are not likely to convert. We mastered the art of website management and conversion optimization, fine-tuning digital assets to collect leads and organizing the digital marketing funnel according to set goals. Let us bring this value to you!
  • Digital funnel design (top-middle-bottom of the funnel) – Whether you focus your efforts on organic traffic or paid, creating the right funnel, the optimal customer digital journey, is a must. Why? Well, you can’t expect a new visitor, who’s not yet familiar with your brand or offering, to jump right to the purchase option or even start a free trial right away. The first digital step/encounter that a potential customer (a prospect) makes in your site is just the starting point. Moreover, prospects vary by the content that they have seen, the specific activity which landed them in your website (blog post, social activity, paid campaign, etc.) or specific campaign that they originated from. A smart digital marketer designs an online journey that maximizes the conversion potential, and segments visitors according to the steps they have already taken. Funnel design? Yes, we mastered this one as well in our years of delivering digital marketing to tech companies.
  • Digital marketing paid campaigns / PPC / Performance marketing– Running campaigns and spending money is easy. Running successful campaigns and smartly using media budget is a whole different story. We run performance and awareness campaigns in: Google (search, display, DSK, retargeting / remarketing), Facebook (remarketing, install ads, conversion ads, video ads and more) Twitter, LinkedIn, content recommendation channels, such as Outbrain, Taboola, and professional channels, such as reddit, Stackoverflow and more. We define top of the funnel and mid-funnel campaign hooks (for remarketing purposes). We run manual media buying or RTB, depends on the products and goals.
  • Online global PR – Digital marketing and SEO greatly rely on PR mentions and backlinks from popular industry related outlets. Our digital marketing services include global PR formal announcements and press releases, product reviews, Long Tail blogger mentions and influencer marketing. We write the announcements, build a ravishing press minisite, maintain relationships with bloggers and journalists and distribute PR news among long lists of relevant bloggers and online newswires.
  • Social media management – Creating a solid social presence is important for trust building, user engagement and even for boosting conversions. When your social media channels are well managed, it is easier for you to spread the word, retarget relevant audiences, get user feedback and increase brand awareness. We help tech companies grow their social media fan base, post original and curated content that fits the target audience and create relevant discussions.
  • SEO – Good old black hat SEO is, thank god, pretty much dead. Everybody knows it. The new age SEO is…well… what we call in reality ‘digital marketing’. When your website expresses the right messages, your editorial content is the finest it can be, your content promotion activities are all out there and your social media channels are alive and kicking… your SEO can go off the charts. We’ve seen it in action and it is so exciting! We invite you to join the ride. It’s a long road, building up slowly but surely, but it’s very much worth it at the end.
  • Growth hacking – Growth hacking is what digital marketers say when they mean ‘scaling up with no money’. In the startup world, growth hacking is critical. We focus our online marketing efforts on finding advanced, creative ways to succeed, while staying within budget constraints. We distribute our content among online communities, we answer Quora questions, we leverage Wikipedia, we ping influencers and run PR efforts (we try to use as many free tactics and channels as possible) to make an impact with our limited budget. And that’s just one example…

How do we work?

  • Kicking off  – When we start our digital marketing activities, we engage in a thorough, well focused, kick off meeting where we define both the process and the challenges; the process is designed to be as comprehensive as possible. During this process we learn everything there’s to know about the product and offering: Competitive landscape, challenges, what was done so far, target audience, KPIs and more. We call this stage ‘onboarding on steroids’. This step is meant to ensure we have everything we need to build the optimal digital marketing plan for our client.
  • Digital marketing competitive analysis and tactical planning  – We never start our hands-on activity without completing this step, in which we build a week by week action plan – looking at a quarter ahead. We also run a comprehensive digital marketing competitive analysis to back up our plan and to uncover important insights related to the marketing activities done by the client’s competitors.
  • Building the customer online journey (funnel) top to bottom  – Once we have the tactical plan in place, we usually create a high-level design of the online funnel, with the main steps that we want a visitor to take with the aim of turning it to a lead, a valid lead and then a sales opportunity. In the B2C world the funnel is usually much simpler compared to the B2B world of tech products and services.
  • Building the infrastructure  – Usually there’s a lot of infrastructure work that needs to be done, before growth activities can begin. We create or fine tune messages, website flows and analytics configurations. We create landing pages, setup automation systems and build project reporting templates. We run a lot of researches during this stage.
  • Growth activities  – Once we are happy with the infrastructure (we wouldn’t want to spend budgets or efforts beforehand) we move on to distribute content and direct traffic to the site (or app) through both organic and paid media channels. During this stage, we many times launch PR activities to support our digital marketing KPIs. We measure every step of the way, of course, optimize and fine-tune according to what the numbers project.
  • Data driven Optimization and lesson learned  – throughout our entire digital marketing operation we make sure to track everything that can be tracked. Posting on Quora? We track the traffic referred to our website from Quora. Content promotion? We examine the qualitative parameters of the content as well as its’ contribution to SEO goals. After a while, when there’s enough data, we generate ongoing reports to adjust activities: Optimize performance media campaigns, write additional blog posts like the ones that performed best, increase focus on growth channels that prove to be (cost?) effective and more.