You probably already heard that content is king. That’s because it is. Every top-notch B2B tech marketer will enthusiastically say that a content-focused marketing strategy is key component in your marketing success.

But, anything less than best-in-class quality content is not acceptable and will not bring the desired results in today’s, ‘overly-loaded online content’, world.

Like in many other industry areas, there are many misconceptions and lack of content marketing standardization, so it’s important to understand exactly what you wish to achieve with your content strategy, carefully plan how you go about it, and most importantly, never compromise on the quality of your content writing and distribution.


Although we are not magicians (no one is..) and can’t bewitch a pumpkin to become an amazing blog article, we do manage to write amazing pieces using our experience and our hardworking hands.

We live and breathe content marketing, we’ve been doing it for a long time, for many types of companies, in many types of industries and faced many different goals.

We know the best strategies and practices, and we are familiar with the relationship between content and SEO. Yes, we know what works and what doesn’t for different types of audiences.

Still, we constantly keep learning. That’s what professional marketers do.

We are experts in managing the full cycle of a successful content marketing operation, simply because we’ve promised ourselves we will pave the way for content marketing excellence.


So how do we do it?

We mix varied types of content, from blog posts to reports to eBooks and more, to get your key messages out there in as many ways as possible, and attract the attention of your exact target audience. As we live in a mixed media world, your content needs to touch on multiple points during its life cycle.

But that’s not all. We optimize each content piece for maximal added value, optimal readability, and best SEO relevance so that it becomes as effective as possible.

Finally, we push the content we write. The best content does nothing if it’s not in front of the right eyes, so we leverage organic and paid distribution channels to do just that. Key distribution channels such as social media communities, content publishing platforms, online forums, Taboola and Outbrain or alike, play a major part in our approach.


Step 1: Keywords Research

Without keywords, there’s no value in the content.

Targeting the right key phrases is a crucial part in your content strategy and can make the difference between success and failure. We undertake a systematic and savvy approach to keyword research that gets you in front of your ideal target audience and makes your content strategy and SEO achievements a success.

Step 2: Content Topics Research

Hand in hand with keyword research, goes Content Topics Research.

Running content topics research and understanding the relevant content inventory that’s already published, helps us frame the conversation around your brand, identify competitors’ week spots, learn what’s working ahead and gear up towards building a smart content funnel.

Content research also helps us understand what effort your competitors or partners are putting in their content, how often they refresh their content, what they love writing about, how engaging their content is, assess the quality of their content and more.

Step 3: Content Calendar

Next, once we’ve learned enough, we brainstorm ideas concerning content topics we plan to work on, figuring out how we can best use specific content in coherence with our goals: Positioning, market education, lead nurturing, conversion optimization and SEO.

As these ideas flesh out, we start putting together a content calendar, detailing what, when and how we are going to write about to engage your target audience with the best content possible.

Step 4: Content Briefs

Essential to any seamless and efficient team work, is making sure we are all on the same page.

Content briefs are essential to ensure that the content is well structured, adds real value and that we didn’t miss anything important.

  • The brief includes the structure and hierarchy of the story / messages.
  • The brief includes relevant key phrases, titles, sub titles and bullet points.
  • The brief specifies important tips, hacks, gems and is based on real life experience.
  • Our briefs can be preapproved with our customers, before the writing begins.

Step 5: Writing

There’s content and there’s superb quality content. Quality content is not easy to write, but the outcome is worth it.

As many of our customers are either industry leaders, or on the way to becoming one, our content needs to be appealing to both professionals and experienced industry players. In other words, we can’t compromise on the content level and how profound it is.

Also, important promotion channels (organic, referral or even paid) require high-quality content.

Our team of experienced tech marketing writers master readable, professional, and engaging content.

We are strong believers in comprehensive guides, white papers, eBooks, reports and long form blog articles that offer readers an enormous amount of added value.

We never complete the task by simply writing an appealing story. Our content is always aligned with the high level KPIs (education, positioning, lead generation or lead validation).

Step 6: Upload Readiness

Once the content is written, we work to make it visually and structurally ready to attract, convert, and retain. Getting your content “upload ready” involves multiple steps, beginning with adding multiple visuals, animated GIFS, promo banners and SEO elements. Using images, the best formatting, and memes makes your content more scanable and a lot more enjoyable for the readers.

Next, we make sure that there are plenty of lead capturing components involved, including options such as promo banners and signup gems.

Finally, proof the content to minimize small mistakes that can impact the perceived content quality.

All of this helps ensure that your content is not just floating free in cyberspace, but takes an active (or significant) part of a cohesive funnel that attracts new consumers and makes conversions happen.

Step 7: Distribution

Organic promotion of the content is necessary. There’s no point in putting so much effort in content writing without heavily promoting it in multiple communities, content publishing arenas, online forums and amongst your existing followers.

We are masters of content distribution, boosting the visibility and power of your content marketing campaign(s) via organic content promotion tactics, referral partnerships and via content promotion paid channels.

Everything from SEO to networking to press releases can ramp up traffic to your content, drive conversions, and improve lead generation and key revenue metrics. Working with our team means you have everything you need to distribute your messages among your target audience and get your brand in the forefront of the conversation.

Step 8: Measurements and learning

Being a data-driven marketing firm, we track the key metrics that are relevant to our content efforts, using UTMs and additional tools.

From traffic, through sources, referrals, bounce rates, session duration to conversion funnels, we stay on top of these metrics, learn, and optimize on the go.