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Generating, nurturing & converting B2B leads in the global tech industry is more than a skill set. It’s an art.



Building a successful high-quality lead-gen machine can be VERY challenging, and requires knowledge and expertise in multiple marketing disciplines.

From setup and maintenance of your marketing automation system (we are experts in most marketing automation systems), to launching automated drip emails, creating and promoting best-quality lead capturing content, optimizing your website user experience and conversion, tracking lead origins and costs, and nurturing leads until they are ready for your direct sales pitch. We know how to build a super sophisticated B2B marketing lead machines from scratch, and then manage and optimize them on an ongoing basis.

We have decided to offer this multi-area extensive package as we know how burning the need is for global B2B tech companies. We also know that companies, looking to build such an operation, struggle to do it alone, and are looking, in many cases, to be accompanied by experts, both on the strategy and execution fronts.

This service package is ideal for: Startups that have already launched their product or service and are looking to grow at scale. It’s also perfect for tech or startup companies looking to finetune their lead-gen process, deploy a smart marketing automation SAAS and systematically feed their sales teams with quality leads.

Here’s How our ‘multi-area inbound marketing and lead-gen’ package works:


First thing first, we will build a detailed inbound marketing operation plan, that takes into consideration all the important elements with the right prioritization. We will validate our plan by conducting a marketing competitive analysis, looking at your competitors’ lead-gen and inbound activities.

Deploying a marketing automation system is important to ensure that generated leads are optimally nurtured and converted. It is also essential to keep communication between your sales and marketing teams transparent in order to increase the efficiency of engaging in multiple inbound marketing activities. During this stage we will work on setting up (any) marketing automation SAAS system, launch automated email campaigns with the right segmentation, newsletters, landing pages and more.

It’s not enough to have a great marketing automation system deployed,. If your website isn’t optimized to capture leads, they will not show up on their own. During this stage we will analyze your website for conversion, identify missing trust-building and lead-gen elements and work with you to fine-tune the prospects’ journey in your website

High-quality content is the key driver of traffic and leads for B2B companies. Great content is also crucial for nurturing those leads later on. We will write content that fits each stage of the funnels we designed together, and will promote each content piece using a variety of methods. Our content creation expertise includes website pages, blog articles, gated content, visual content and more...




Creating a successful online lead-gen machine for a B2B tech company is an art if you ask me. G2Mteam masters this art.

Amir Ben Assa
Chief Marketing Officer / Plataine


G2M Team was the ideal partner and handled all moving parts perfectly. They had a critical role in our success at Agritech

Helene Gordon
Senior PR & Marcom Manager / Netafim

Ibex Medical Analytics

G2M Team is the ultimate partner for a company like us, looking to establish and develop our marketing DNA

Joseph Mossel

Intuition Robotics

G2M planned and created all the marketing materials we needed for a successful launch, faster than we could ever imagine and without compromising the quality. G2M’s umbrella of services is exactly what startups need!

Dor Skuler


G2M practically established our marketing operation, taking the lead and executing around all the marketing buckets that were critical for our KPIs: Content marketing, email marketing, lead generation campaigns, SEO, conversion optimization and more. The results were immediate.

Oren Jackman
Co-Founder and CEO / Exampal


G2M manages all our marketing activities. Starting with our strategy and branding, setting KPIs, through infrastructure automation and our customer management system, running our social channels, blogging / messaging and every other marketing related activity. Flawless execution, admirable dedication, great results. Highly recommended team.  

Orly Shoavi
Founder and CEO / SafeDK

Infinity AR

G2M is a priceless extension of our team, for both strategy and execution, all in one. They are our genie in a bottle!

Motti Kushnir
CEO / Infinity AR


G2M is our focal point to all app marketing needs. They just know all there is to know

Shai Benarzi
Founder and CEO / spikko


G2M is the optimal solution for a mobile app startup taking its first steps in the B2C industry

Barak Witkowski
Co-Founder & CEO / drupe

Ginger Software

It's great to have someone who keeps asking the hard questions, and searching for better solutions.

Maoz Shacht

Lumos Global

With G2M we managed to achieve great results in a short time. They deeply understand the start-up spirit and pace, and demonstrate exceptional professionalism with digital and social marketing best practices.

Hila Bitton
Marketing Communications Manager / Lumos Global