Enterprise-sales is not what it used to be, and marketing is its biggest enabler

What if I told you that any B2B startup can extract smart signals from multiple online sources and social media channels, mix them with some other intelligence tools, add a few automations, and build a super effective business machine.  A machine that works for you 24/7, sends you time-sensitive sales-related alerts, runs sales pitches on your behalf, and helps you develop relationships with the biggest enterprise accounts, and close deals so much faster?

What if I told you that marketing today isn’t at all what it used to be 10 years ago?

What if I told you that smart marketing acts as a multiplier of your sales force and saves you the need to lean on heavy SDR resources?

In the past few years, digital marketing has transformed to become a key sales channel, a critical generator of first impression and trust, and a game-changing layer in any meaningful business operation. So much so, that if you try to onboard internal sales in your startup ahead of optimizing your marketing for sales, you may find it impossible to succeed.

Yet, so many B2B startup founders and even marketers and sales executives stayed behind, not grasping this shift. Not understanding how to use new strategies and technological tools to drive new business, increase sales and build a revenue machine. COVID-19 simply amplified an already existing gap that keeps growing.

Israeli based startups are particularly susceptible to such know-how gaps. We may be the startup nation when it comes to tech and innovation, but we seem to be lagging behind when it comes to mastering the business aspects.

Today, closing enterprise-level deals is HEAVILY dependent on remote, online, and digital activities:

1. Constantly push messages in front of (and to the top of mind of) the RIGHT audience, in a strategic, segmented, personalized and automated manner.
2. Make the best online and digital impression and establish the required trust.
3. Develop BOTH personal & proactive remote business relationships with prospects in the targeted accounts, at scale, by using smart intelligence tools and automated scripts.

How is it done and who is in charge of what? Is all that the marketing role? sales? SDR?

The truth is that in agile, new-world B2B enterprise-sales oriented startups – It’s usually all done by a single stakeholder (or just a few), or an external agency. The traditional boundaries are not there anymore and the budget or resources are limited. But, it all starts with understanding the new-world, knowing how to close the loops, chasing ONLY after the business KPIs, and sticking to tactics and tools that are the fastest and carry a feasible price in order to drive business results home…

In this one hour video training that you are about to watch we will discuss:

1. How the digital-era changed enterprise-sales 180° (For good) and the potential in automation
2. The impact that of adopting marketing technologies for the B2B industry
3. Real-Life Examples of today’s marketing strategies and how smart marketing achieves business KPIs (established brand, healthy sales-pipeline & significant business opportunities)
4. How to successfully run remote enterprise-sales pitches
5. The inner perspective of a BizDev and sales executive in an enterprise-sales B2B young (seed stage) startup



Einav Laviv, Co-Founder, G2Mteam – Einav Laviv is a full-stack startup marketing expert and a Co-Founder at G2Mteam. She’s been practicing data-driven marketing in the past 20 years and served dozens of Israeli startups in seed to round A stages, helping them achieve major milestones such as successful funding rounds, established B2B brands, successful sales support and SDK operations and more. G2Mteam is a 360 ° marketing firm made for post Seed to Round B startups that are looking for a single player to manage their entire internal marketing operation as well as multi-area ‘agency style’ execution. To learn more visit G2Mteam

Donna Griffith, Corporate StorytellerDonna Griffit has worked globally for over 15 years with Fortune 500 companies, Start-Ups and investors in a wide variety of industries. She has consulted and trained clients in over 30 countries, helping them create, edit and deliver verbal and written presentations, pitches and messages. Donna has the ability to magically spin raw data into compelling stories that captivate audiences and drive to results. Through her guidance clients have raised over half a billion dollars. To learn more, visit DonnaGriffit.com

Dan Porat, Business Development, KinditeDan Porat is today the Business Development Executive at Kindite, though he insists to describe himself as a street-cat… in the past 10 years he has filled multiple sales and BD roles in both established corporates and startup companies. Dan has a very sharp opinion as of how sales, BD and digital marketing should be working together today, and he loves sharing practical tips about do’s, don’ts and the best tools to use.