Do you know how to leverage LinkedIn-marketing to build a growth, sales and business machine?

Is your marketing growing your startup opportunities, deals and revenues?

Like it or not, building a successful enterprise-sales and marketing operation relies heavily on the biggest B2B professional network around : LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, when combined with growth-hacking strategies and some 3rd party tools creates a big Get impact  in a short time, with no need for heavy budgets.

Our  growth hacking cookbook will help you make the most of LinkedIn marketing and sales capabilities to reach you business KPIs

In this guide we will share with you:

  • A practical recipe tailored for seed-2-B stage B2B startups, for implementing a LinkedIn growth operation. Includes specific milestones and concrete examples.
  • The LinkedIn role in building a solid business growth machine (and some interesting benchmarks).
  • Some bonus tips around LinkedIn algorithms & dos and don’ts.
Einav Laviv
Einav Laviv is a tech marketing expert, a startup founder and the CEO at G2Mteam, that supports Israeli startups with full stack global marketing services. She lives, breathes and loves startups & marketing: B2B, B2C, Mobile, online and product
Einav Laviv
Einav Laviv
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