It is safe to say that in today’s digital era, marketing and sales have become two identities under the same spectrum 

But still, and even though the majority of the B2B buying process is done behind the scenes (using digital exploration channels), marketers are often disconnected from sales teams, which is incredibly unfortunate. The practice of ABM (account-based marketing) reconnects teams. 

For ABM to be able to deliver results, and for sales and marketing teams to fully collaborate, prospects’ databases must be built properly.

Today, an abundance of online networks and SaaS-based technologies enable salespeople and marketers to easily connect with real-time databases, create their own tailored lists based on very particular nuances, and extract lists as they wish.

In this guide we will share:

  • The recent shift towards digital exploration among B2B buyers
  • Related industry benchmarks
  • The role of databases with regards to ABM and outbound prospecting
  • The implications of databases quality and data richness on business results
  • How to build an initial database
  • Recommended tools and methods
  • The importance of data enrichment, validation, and database maintenance
  • A suggested framework for a unified architecture: ABM based inbound and outbound prospecting