Made for B2B startup founders, marketers, and business pros, in post-seed to round B stage 

In the past 15-20 years, technology has evolved so rapidly that B2B marketers struggle to adapt to it and close knowledge gaps. 

Today, B2B marketing has completely transformed and is now controlling the main gateways to customers’ attention, trust, and demand. Still, most B2B startup founders or even B2B marketers don’t fully understand this transformation and are therefore ill-equipped to grow their business as they should.

This guide aims to help founders bridge important knowledge gaps on their journey to brand awareness.

In this guide we will share with you:

  • An overview of the recent years’ transformation in growth marketing
  • An overview of traditional B2B vs new-age B2B marketing
  • Related industry benchmarks (researches and surveys)
  • An intro to B2B data-driven marketing for startups as it should behave these days
  • A concrete demonstration of how to plan and onboard inbound (and outbound) marketing