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INSIGHTEC is a leading medical devices company and the developer of MR-guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS). The company’s non-invasive platforms,are based on sound clinical evidence for treating essential tremor, painful bone metastases and uterine fibroids. The company is focused on improving patient lives by working closely with physicians, medical institutions, academic researchers and regulatory bodies. INSIGHTEC is backed by GE. For more information, please visit: www.INSIGHTEC.com

The company has raised over $70 Million from GE and additional investors.

Hands-on. Long-term.

G2M partnered with INSIGHTEC’s VP of Marketing to provide A2Z marketing services. Our operation was based on a long-term engagement (around 4 years of working side by side with INSIGHTEC’s internal marketing team).

INSIGHTEC is targeting 3 main segments, G2Mteam supported INSIGHTEC with all of them:

  • Medical institutions (Hospitals and Clinics)
  • Physicians
  • Patients

Cross-segment marketing activities

A new brand. A new Website.

The challenge:

INSIGHTEC’s non–invasive MR guided focused Ultrasound therapy platform transforms medicine in an expanding number of indications in the areas of :  Neurosurgery, Oncology, and Women’s Health.

We helped INSIGHTEC work on their new website that had to feature all indications in one place, and provide information on the  different available treatments in one inclusive website (re content and design).

Also, it had to communicate the company story effectively to all the company’s  different target audiences.

What did we do?

The decision was that the new  INSIGHTEC corporate website will address physicians and medical facilities , but not patients. We were in charge of writing the texts for the website, and we wrote  3 sections, one per specialty area, where the INSIGHTEC technology is relevant for: Neurology, Women’s Health and Oncology.

Home> Clinical > Neurosurgery, Women’s health, Oncology

Each clinical area operated as a landing page, with CTA buttons, contact forms, documentation to download and more.

As numbers are the basics of data driven marketing, smart Google analytics metrics were set, and we maintained monthly online traffic reports as part of our overall activity reports.

The new website launch was used to also introduce INSIGHTEC’s refreshed brand and some new marketing collateral (e.g., brochures). As part of this brand refresh we were also involved in the development of the new brand identity, messaging, color scheme and new product naming scheme.

Content marketing

The challenge:

The content marketing operation for INSIGHTEC presented several  challenges:

  1. We needed to define the right tone of voice for INSIGHTEC’s content, considering not only the brand but also the main distribution channels.
  1. We had to find the right online venues to distribute our physicians-focused content. This isn’t a segment that is easily reachable via the more obvious online and digital channels.
  1. When working in the medical space, there are always regulatory issues to consider. Here too: The MRgFUS for each indication was approved by relevant government authorities (e.g., FDA, CE, etc.) in certain parts of the world and not others. That meant that we had to very carefully filter our distribution channels per content item, in order to make sure we do not distribute content where we shouldn’t.

What did we do?

Initially, the INSIGHTEC blog was hosted in tumbler. We pushed hard to move it, and host it as part of the INSIGHTEC website, so the traffic it generated leads to the website, so people can further explore the company and its offering, rather than start and end at a tumbler blog. Also, as SEO is a major part of any content strategy, this decision made sense. G2M initiated that move, and supported INSIGHTEC with the transition.

Along with INSIGHTEC’s internal team, we created a steady stream of monthly blog posts that covered physicians-relevant topics, to capture their attention.

Our team conducted deep research (yes, we put a lot of effort into it), looking for quality online physicians’ portals and professional groups that we later used to drive traffic to the INSIGHTEC blog.


View the INSIGHTEC blog

Social Media Marketing

The challenge

Knowing that social is where people spend much of their online time these days, physicians and health administrators included, INSIGHTEC decided to take their social media marketing to the next level.

Generally speaking, the medical devices industry is not very advanced when it comes to social media presence or activity. This presented an opportunity to shine, but also presented its own challenges.

To succeed, we had to be social media pioneers in a relatively traditional industry. The goal was to leverage social media activities to boost the INSIGHTEC brand awareness and digital presence.

Here to, we had the same regulatory limitations . As social media channels are global, we had to go by the lowest common denominator and only discuss MRgFUS treatments and indications that were FDA approved (there was a wider approval in other regions). We also had to make sure we understand and adhere to the FDA social media guidelines (what and how to talk about in social media when discussing medical devices, technologies, treatments, etc.)

Taking all this into consideration, we hit the road…

What did we do?

We started, as we usually do, with an in-depth research, looking at what medical devices companies are doing on social. We looked in many social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare, Google plus and more. This helped us understand what is being done in this industry and what the potential of each specific social media channel is.

We were also on the lookout for which channels may be the best performing channels for our target audiences.

Based on that research we structured a detailed social media plan, working in several channels and focusing on specific activities per channel:

Linkedin professional arena – The focus was on maintaining the company page as well as monitor and respond(when relevant) in Professional groups for related indications, physician specialties, and healthcare industry. We also used, personal INSIGHTEC VPs profiles for distribution when was relevant. We posted professional, original INSIGHTEC content.


The focus here was on the INSIGHTEC company page, where we posted professional INSIGHTEC original content, as well as curated health and cutting-edge medical research news. On Facebook, we mainly targeted patients and their families, as increased awareness for the technology can (and did) generate demand from the bottom up.


Twitter – Same as in Facebook, we tweeted professional INSIGHTEC original content, as well as curated health and cutting-edge medical research news . We made sure to engage in Twitter related discussions, by RT and replies when it made sense.


SlideShare – We created and posted INSIGHTEC presentations for additional exposure to the technology and the company.


We maintained a YouTube channel with videos of INSIGHTEC testimonials, case studies and brand videos for each indication (Oncology, Women’s Health and Neurology).

Results: Our focused social media & content marketing activities lead to 400% increase in organic traffic to the website and 500% growth in social media followers and engagement.


Activities focused on institutions and physicians

Event Marketing

Every year, INSIGHTEC participated in 16-20 industry events & conferences(!!).

G2M was in charge of managing these events on behalf of INSIGHTEC. We assigned a dedicated events manager who worked only on making sure these events are perfectly organized. We handled the following event aspects:

  1. Collecting the relevant information for each event
  2. Recommending the right type of activity per event, taking into consideration budgets and company goals.
  3. Registering INSIGHTEC to each event and managing all communication with event organizers.
  4. Assist with creating the relevant marketing collateral per event.
  5. Plan the booth designs and manage the production, logistics, personnel registration, AV, graphic design, etc..
  6. Plan and execute all digital activity around the events: Social media, email blasts, etc.

Email marketing

The challenge

As mentioned, INSIGHTEC is participating in conferences and events throughout the year. During each conference, INSIGHTEC reps collect many new leads (leads = physicians / health administrators who attend these conferences and stopped by the INSIGHTEC booth to talk to the INSIGHTEC team).

Closing the new leads loop, once the event is over, is VERY important. While driving leads from events is just a start, turning leads into valid opportunities comes next.

Event Leads are considered “cold”. They need to be nurtured and educated about the company’s offering, so they become engaged with the solution and recommend it to patients.

What did we do?

G2M partnered with INSIGHTEC’s internal team to create high quality content pipeline (e.g., whitepapers, newsletters, etc.).

Emails with professional content around MRgFUS technology, segmented by indication were sent to the relevant lists.

Each content was assigned to a specific email marketing campaign. Our goal was to qualify leads.

This nurturing tactic turned out to be very successful in INSIGHTEC’s case. For example, on the “Clinical overview” campaign presented above, emails got 49% open rate and a 5.1% click through rate (the industry averages are 22.68% or less and 2.49% respectively, according to several online resources)


Patient-focused Activities

Channel marketing

G2M’s work with INSIGHTEC on their site-initiation kit (classic channel marketing) was focused on creating kits that help medical institutions who have acquired an INSIGHTEC system present the treatment to patients, in order to create a healthy pipeline of patients for the treatment, making it a commercial success. .

The kits we created included: Patients brochures and other collateral, marketing strategy guides (how to create a pipeline of customers etc.), PR templates, radio ads templates, FAQs, on-site promotional materials (screens at the hospital, rollups in relevant departments, etc.), and much more.

Patient-focused Campaigns (B2C)

The challenge

As MRgFUS technology is relatively new, potential patients aren’t usually aware of it, don’t know what it is used for and how they may use it as an alternative to surgery.

Our goal here was to break out the news to potential patients and their families and wider support system. We wanted them to be aware of this treatment and proactively approach their physicians, asking about how and where they can get it.

What did we do?

Israel, Women’s Health campaign: We went on a mission of choosing a high profile, well known, female Israeli presenter (Miri Nevo) and we worked on a multi-channel campaign:  We shot a video of her talking about the MRgFUS treatment for uterine fibroids.

We used this video for creating and launching a Facebook B2C lead campaign, leading to a minisite where women can fill in a questionnaire to see if the treatment is right for them. Those who qualified for the treatment were contacted via email by the hospital in order to close the loop and continue the screening process until the actual treatment was scheduled. All communication was documented in Sales Force for more efficient screening process by the hospital (this was preceded by a paper-based management before the campaign). This documentation was also used for measurement of campaign results of course.

As INISIGTECH technology is innovative (and relatively new), we ran a keywords research to see whether people were actively searching for relevant keywords, and we saw really low search volumes. Hence, we understood that we cannot rely on a “regular AdWords search campaign”. Most potential patients didn’t run online searches. They weren’t doing their own research but probably just following their physicians’ advice and recommendations, quite blindly.

We had to reach potential patients in another way. If not intent, then via offline and display channels.

We created an online and offline presence (including relevant, dedicated content) in related niche publications, or relevant sections in major publications that are popular among our target audience (health section, etc.).

Results: The campaign was a HUGE success! It created a lot of BUZZ for INSIGHTEC and this new treatment called “MRgFUS” (MR guided focused ultrasound), an extremely healthy pipeline of patients was created for the hospital and the campaign was shared with other hospitals worldwide as a best practice that can be replicated. Below you can see a banner for a similar campaign we later on did in the USA for the Neurological indication treated by MRgFUS, Essential Tremor.



G2M team worked very closely with the INSIGHTEC team for a very long time, on various marketing initiatives:  Events, social media, content marketing, channel marketing and more.

Our involvement allowed the INSIGHTEC team to enjoy an extended capacity that helped them meet the expectations of their management team and their sales people, while providing the organization with best in class marketing.

We loved it when the INSIGHEC team called us: “INSIGHTEC TLV” 😊





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