Content marketing is the art of Customers and prospects sales-communications with bypassing the direct (not to say aggressive) selling, and with adding real value along the prospect journey. Content marketing focuses on selling your services or products while educating your prospects, training them on how to use your offering and positioning your company as a thought leader, altogether.  That’s  the essence of this key tactic, which demand an ongoing effort, when done right.

Most sales companies know how to optimally pitch about their products or services benefits, but only few of them master the art of content marketing. That’s what we are here for.   

Our strategy is focused on suppling consistent, valuable and easy to digest relevant content that matches each phase of the prospects ‘customer journey’. It’s an art.  

Content marketing is an ongoing cycle

So, how do we create an effective content marketing cycle?

Here’s our 5 step content marketing cycle, which will assist you in keeping your content on track:


During this phase we will discuss your content marketing objectives, your target audience, the means by which we can reach them, and the type of content they are after. As always, this is our initial step and we will document it so we can draw conclusions, make necessary adjustments and changes, and evaluate results.


We conduct research in order to gain better understanding of the specified target audience, and the best channels to reach this audience. This will help us outline the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of our content. There are two stages to our content marketing research:

Foundational Research – an extensive distribution channels research of where we can effectively reach our audience.

Ongoing Research- is the daily research required, in order to stay on top of the constant changes in the industry.


It's fundamental to define the right content mix for your business. The content we create must keep the delicate balance between staying informative and entertaining to our target audience, while also making sure it supports our overall strategy and goals. We will determine what information is needed at every step of the funnel, as well as decide on stories we'll be conveying, and write them of course.


During this stage, we will be working on connecting your audience to the content. This connection is about sharing content, and having a conversation with your audience. We will achieve this by using valuable content formats, which are easy-to-find and easy-to-consume. We will continually test and evaluate our means of distribution and will fine-tune as needed. Furthermore, we will monitor responses in order to gain insight into how your audience responds to your content, and then go ahead and make the necessary adjustments. This is where we maximize your reach, because if no one sees your content, it’s ineffective.


This is our final stage, and this is where we will measure and analyze the feedback to your content. During this stage, we will be measuring the progress we have already made on the way to achieving your content marketing goals, and will be determining whether there are ways to improve progress.