The power of your investors – what VCs are saying about helping their startups

Image of startup founder with superpowers

One of the things that early-stage startup leaders repeatedly hear, especially nowadays, is “you have to extend your runway”. The “runway” refers to the time before the startup “takes off”. In other words, the amount of time that the money raised lasts without compromising progress. Other than another funding round, the proverbial runway can be… Read more »

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Highlights from our recipe guide for startups: How to make LinkedIn marketing a B2B business machine

Social media marketing is something we all know we should focus on, but only a few actually manage to fully leverage it to directly increase enterprise-sales in 2020.  When discussing LinkedIn with B2B startup founders (or marketers), I find that many tend to ignore many strategies related to this platform, simply because they never quite… Read more »

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