8 Valuable Content Writing Tips for Startup Founders in Need

G2MTEAM- Tips for conent writing

Written content plays a major part in marketing strategies today. Website content, product-marketing content, PR content, “edutainment” blog content, collateral, and thought-leadership messaging ﹘ the list goes on.  In a startup’s early stages, content writing responsibility does not fall 100% to marketing stakeholders (many times such stakeholders aren’t around yet) but is shared by all… Read more »

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The 7 deadliest early-stage startup marketing sins that we all tend to keep making

One website that most startups hate to visit is The Startup Graveyard. There, you’ll encounter the ghosts of startup-past, including their different reasons for failure. Business-related reasons, marketing included, appear on this website more often than not. You’re probably thinking, that making mistakes doesn’t always equal failure, and you’d be right. We’ve all read about,… Read more »

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