4 Tips that will help you close your next funding round

Make investors see your startup as a golden egg- G2MTEAM

A guest post by Donna Griffit While today’s global economic landscape is daunting and unclear, early-stage startups are still closing investments. With the right product, there are still funding opportunities. Many VCs raised new funds, yet the money is sitting in the bank, – and founders “just” need to prove the unique value of their… Read more »

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8 Valuable Content Writing Tips for Startup Founders in Need

G2MTEAM- Tips for conent writing

Written content plays a major part in marketing strategies today. Website content, product-marketing content, PR content, “edutainment” blog content, collateral, and thought-leadership messaging ﹘ the list goes on.  In a startup’s early stages, content writing responsibility does not fall 100% to marketing stakeholders (many times such stakeholders aren’t around yet) but is shared by all… Read more »

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