B2B Marketing on Steroids – 8 Practices for Staying Ahead of the Pack

B2B marketing has significantly changed – are you doing everything you can to beat your competition? B2B marketing has changed tremendously in recent years. All of this is the result of the rapid evolution of the digital world, the availability of more and better technological tools geared towards marketing, and marketers’ increased proficiency in technology…

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Most annoying Facebook ad-manager fuckups we’ve experienced & how we worked around them

We’ve already went through marketing mistakes startups might be facing (not your startup of course…), and why it might make sense to hire Michelle. Let’s tackle a different angle this time: How to work around annoying Facebook ad-manager fuckups. The Love & Hate relationship with Facebook Ads Manager For any advertiser, be it a B2B…

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Here’s how You Should Run Content Marketing – My Recipe

  My content marketing full recipe was recently published in Smartinsights. I decided to share it in my company’s blog as well. I am sorry if this reading may be long. I wanted to make sure that everything important is captured here, so you can copy paste my strategy for your own benefit.   How…

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How to choose an optimal digital marketing agency for your B2B startup or tech company

Choosing the best digital marketing agency – Published on Tgdaily as well – Aug 2017, Almost any B2B company eventually gets to a point where a solid digital marketing strategy is needed, in order to deal with the competition and to establish a firm positioning that is needed in the long run. If you work in…

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Running B2B Tech Marketing? Must-Do Activities in Your Mix

If you’re running B2B tech marketing for (or with) a B2B company, you need to make sure that your marketing activity mix covers most of the newest best practices that have recently gained popularity. In the digital era, B2B marketing has recently lent a lot of B2C’s treats and tricks. Social media has made everything…

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B2B email Marketing in the digital Era: Winning Tactics that Convert

I’m not going to write about the fact that e-mail is still with us, and that everybody still reads and writes e-mails. You will probably toggle between this blog post and your mailbox as you read this, so I feel this argument is behind us. Important part of digital marketing is email newsletters from businesses…

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Test yourself. Do You Know What is Digital Marketing, and What is it Not?

It seems that nobody talks about plain marketing anymore… I keep hearing “digital marketing” “mobile marketing” or “online marketing”, but mainly digital. Running a simple Google search terms analysis (using the Google keywords tool) I immediately saw that needed, digital marketing has become a buzz word.   But, do people really know what on earth…

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The complete marketing competitive analysis checklist for startups

How I ran a successful marketing competitive analysis for a startup I work with  + a bonus checklist and a downloadable template   Reading time: 15 minutes (the actual work is a different story…) What are you getting? A tactical and hands-on walk-through A free marketing competitive analysis template Overview of tons of free or…

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Corporate vs Startup Marketing: Why Startups Need to Hire Michelle over Uncle David if They Want to Succeed

startup vs corporate marketing

Originally posted by Viola-Notes. I have been a marketer for ages, but I have only been a startup marketer for the last couple of years and I’m still shocked by how different it is from ‘traditional’ marketing. I would even go as far as to say that it’s the direct opposite of traditional, corporate marketing, and in…

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Is There Really a Difference between Growth Hacking & Traditional Marketing?

Well, it’s complicated… A lot of people, not to say marketers, whom I know and respect keep asking me what on earth the difference between growth hacking and just plain marketing is. It sometimes feels like growth hacking is a term made up by marketers to describe…well… marketing. Yes, at first glance it’s hard to…

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Lumos Global

With G2M we managed to achieve great results in a short time. They deeply understand the start-up spirit and pace, and demonstrate exceptional professionalism with digital and social marketing best practices.

Hila Bitton
Marketing Communications Manager / Lumos Global

Ginger Software

It's great to have someone who keeps asking the hard questions, and searching for better solutions.

Maoz Shacht


G2M is the optimal solution for a mobile app startup taking its first steps in the B2C industry

Barak Witkowski
Co-Founder & CEO / drupe


G2M is our focal point to all app marketing needs. They just know all there is to know

Shai Benarzi
Founder and CEO / spikko

Infinity AR

G2M is a priceless extension of our team, for both strategy and execution, all in one. They are our genie in a bottle!

Motti Kushnir
CEO / Infinity AR


G2M manages all our marketing activities. Starting with our strategy and branding, setting KPIs, through infrastructure automation and our customer management system, running our social channels, blogging / messaging and every other marketing related activity. Flawless execution, admirable dedication, great results. Highly recommended team.  

Orly Shoavi
Founder and CEO / SafeDK


G2M practically established our marketing operation, taking the lead and executing around all the marketing buckets that were critical for our KPIs: Content marketing, email marketing, lead generation campaigns, SEO, conversion optimization and more. The results were immediate.

Oren Jackman
Co-Founder and CEO / Exampal

Intuition Robotics

G2M planned and created all the marketing materials we needed for a successful launch, faster than we could ever imagine and without compromising the quality. G2M’s umbrella of services is exactly what startups need!

Dor Skuler

Ibex Medical Analytics

G2M Team is the ultimate partner for a company like us, looking to establish and develop our marketing DNA

Joseph Mossel


G2M Team was the ideal partner and handled all moving parts perfectly. They had a critical role in our success at Agritech

Helene Gordon
Senior PR & Marcom Manager / Netafim


Creating a successful online lead-gen machine for a B2B tech company is an art if you ask me. G2Mteam masters this art.

Amir Ben Assa
Chief Marketing Officer / Plataine