Highlights from our recipe guide for startups: How to make LinkedIn marketing a B2B business machine

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Social media marketing is something we all know we should focus on, but only a few actually manage to fully leverage it to directly increase enterprise-sales in 2020. 

When discussing LinkedIn with B2B startup founders (or marketers), I find that many tend to ignore many strategies related to this platform, simply because they never quite figured out how to orchestrate its many functionalities. 

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We’ve recently published a detailed cookbook guide, tailored to early-stage (Seed to B) B2B startups, that’s dedicated to LinkedIn growth hacking, and here’s a taste of what we shared: 

LinkedIn is the biggest B2B industry event and a super powerful work tool

So, why should you and your business even want to be on LinkedIn in the first place? There are a few solid benefits to gain from this platform, which we discuss in detail in our guide:

  • Expanding your Listeners out of your exact target accounts: Startups pay a fortune on PPC and ABM campaigns, while all along they could also leverage “free” promotion by segmenting the exact accounts of interests and connecting with their targeted audience. 
  • Capturing the attention of decision-makers: Even with all the “spam” that we experience, there are still ways to capture the attention of C level decision-makers, using creative hacks. 
  • Using it as a marketing tool to amplify brand awareness: Only a few startups manage to leverage LinkedIn, join their employees’ forces methodically and build a monstrous brand. One such startup is Gong.com. Their LinkedIn climb started long before their hype became so obvious. They were (and still) very methodic in their social media marketing. 

 What are the ultimate ways to leverage LinkedIn in today’s world? 

Are you harnessing the hidden gems that LInkedIn has to offer? Do you follow the new features and updates that they release on a weekly basis? Do you do everything needed to master it?  Here are just a few examples:  

  • Sales Navigator: Have you been using Sales Navigator enough? Today, you can outreach anyone personally and directly. Marketers should today include more personal outbound activities that used to be the land of internal sales in the past. It means using SN to create ultra targeted lists, creating content that is worthwhile when shared in a direct message as well, and engage directly with your target personas  (tip: segment prospects according to their lInkedIn behaviors as well!) 
  • Do you master LinkedIn communication do’s and don’ts? The jargon you use on LinkedIn is very different than anything you might share on other channels. Those who master it not only capture the attention of many, but they also create the impression they need for their business. 
  • Integrating 3rd party tools: Startup founders seem to be very occupied, lately, in running smart integrations with 3rd party tools, some more legit than others, in order to automate LinkedIn marketing, scale up connections and personal interactions. While I hardly recommended using all of the tools that promise the world, nor trying questionable strategies carelessly, I do believe that you should do some learning so they better understand how to leverage LinkedIn by sticking to manual activities, and only when they master that move to learning how they should automate some of it’s great capabilities. 
  • Getting everyone in the know: Your content team, automation specialists, and employees that have nothing to do with marketing all have a lot to gain and offer from being active on LinkedIn. In the guide, we explain how you can create an “all hands on deck” situation and why you should. 

You need a strategy and a detailed architecture

The above paragraphs, while important, are just a theory, nothing really practical. I have built a step-by-step journey that explains how LinkedIn onboarding is done, how other startups are successfully using this platform, and what your exact steps should be in order to turn LinkedIn into a main channel to generate leads and sales opportunities. 

Download the guide to get started, list your next steps by order, learn a few hacks and review quite a few examples. 

Good luck! 
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