Here’s How You Can Build the Ultimate Lead Generation Machine for Your B2B Startup

As a startup marketer, your success depends on designing a machine that keeps bringing in new quality leads Over the years, I have worked with more B2B startups that I can count – or even remember on a whim. I am not bragging, but simply stating a fact that’s important for the sake of this…

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Here’s Why a ‘Sales-With-Minimal B2B Marketing’ Approach Will Kill Your Startup

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Here’s Why a ‘Sales-With-Minimal B2B Marketing’ Approach Will Kill Your Startup, and also, what can you do to escape such a fate? “I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE, WHAT KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE GAINED IN YOUR INDUSTRY, WHO YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE, WHO YOUR TEAM MEMBERS ARE, OR WHAT PRESTIGE YOU HAVE. I JUST WANT TO BUY…

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My list of 7 winning tactics for medical technology marketers

My list of 7 winning tactics for medical technology marketers The medical field is a unique ecosystem. Within it, the medical technology industry holds a prominent place. The global medical technology industry spans numerous companies whose products ensure that the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and diseases is smoother and has more positive…

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My Top 7 Life-Changing Tools That Every Digital Marketer Must Know

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Successful digital marketing is dependent on knowing and using the right technologies, solutions and tools – but which tools are a must in your marketing toolbox? If you ask me, the right digital marketing, technologies and growth hacking tools can make the difference between an ordinary successful marketing campaign and one that is truly extraordinary..…

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Digital marketers & campaign managers, this is for you: The full prerequisites Checklist before setting-up paid campaigns

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Everybody is after PPC, and they all want to start today… Working in the industry that I do, I see many startups and even medium sized tech companies running to launch paid campaigns, when they are not nearly as ready as they should be. Marketers, internal or external, are being constantly pushed to setup and…

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6 Ways to Run Growth Hacking Without Looking Amateurish

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– Guest Post – ‘A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth. Everything they do is scrutinized by its potential impact on scalable growth’ – Sean Ellis Sean Ellis, co-founder of GrowthHackers, coined this increasingly well-known term in 2010, using it to describe the process of experimenting with a wide variety of…

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B2B Marketing on Steroids – 8 Practices for Staying Ahead of the Pack

B2B marketing has significantly changed – are you doing everything you can to beat your competition? B2B marketing has changed tremendously in recent years. All of this is the result of the rapid evolution of the digital world, the availability of more and better technological tools geared towards marketing, and marketers’ increased proficiency in technology…

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Most annoying Facebook ad-manager fuckups we’ve experienced & how we worked around them

We’ve already went through marketing mistakes startups might be facing (not your startup of course…), and why it might make sense to hire Michelle. Let’s tackle a different angle this time: How to work around annoying Facebook ad-manager fuckups. The Love & Hate relationship with Facebook Ads Manager For any advertiser, be it a B2B…

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Here’s how You Should Run Content Marketing – My Recipe

  My content marketing full recipe was recently published in Smartinsights. I decided to share it in my company’s blog as well. I am sorry if this reading may be long. I wanted to make sure that everything important is captured here, so you can copy paste my strategy for your own benefit.   How…

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How to choose an optimal digital marketing agency for your B2B startup or tech company

Choosing the best digital marketing agency – Published on Tgdaily as well – Aug 2017, Almost any B2B company eventually gets to a point where a solid digital marketing strategy is needed, in order to deal with the competition and to establish a firm positioning that is needed in the long run. If you work in…

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